IELTS Essay Sample Questions # Online Education

The last decade of the previous century marked the coming of the internet and we have been shaken by it. The Internet is now a part and parcel of our lives and there surely is no denying it. From banks to security systems, to the way we connect and the way we work, the internet is now the soul of every organisation. The recent entry by the Internet is in the field of education. With several universities offering online courses, millions across the world have benefitted from it. However, others believe that online education cannot replace the formal education for several reasons. This time we are looking at an IELTS academic essay on the impact the online education has had on students/individuals all over the world.

You should spend 40 minutes on this task.

Some universities offer online education for students. What is the impact on online education on the individuals?

Write at least 250 words.


The world has shrunken down to the click of a button and knowledge now transfers in rates of Mbps, sometimes even more. Despite the competition for getting into the Ivy League colleges, many prefer the online courses provided by the prestigious colleges across the world. On one hand, online education has opened doors of knowledge for people who cannot access it otherwise, there are questions on the quality and effect of the courses.

The coming of MOOC brought in lives of many the much-needed quality of education. Many university students have admitted learning a new technology online. Even more, online courses help people in advancing their careers. For instance, 26% of people in India have confirmed to have a better job profile after taking an online course.

However, there have been questions about the integrity of people taking the courses. Critiques believe it is very easy to cheat on the online exam and one can never be sure of the knowledge gained through the online courses. Even more, learning online comes at the cost of isolation. Although, this seems to work for job holders it often restricts the university students. For example, a course taken with 30 other students allows the individual to think in a more broader aspect of the course.

Overall, online education provided by universities allows students to grow more than their defined scope of learning. However, it often does comes at the cost of isolation and can be best suited for job holders. With advancement, however, we expect a better methodology to be derived in online education.


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