IELTS Essay # Prison sentences should not be used to deal with criminals

IELTS Writing Task # Essay

Some people think that prison sentences should not be used to deal with criminals. Education and skills training should be used instead. To what extent do you agree or disagree?


The use of imprisonment is a common form of punishment followed by the law. But a majority of people hold the opinion that education and training skills can be a major factor in crime reduction. I partially agree that prison sentence is not the only solution to criminal activities as educating the prisoners can help them too. 

Some people think that imprisonment of the criminals is mandatory for reformation of the person and the society as a whole. As recidivists is a common reason because of which people are put behind the bars, there is a fear among the culprits that unlawful conduct has serious consequences. However, without the possibility of punishment many individuals would break the law. Without serious punishments like imprisonment, people would seek vengeance against each other which would result into endless conflicts. 

Education helps an individual differentiate between the right and wrong. The idea that prison should offer education to inmates is gaining popularity. In a recent survey conducted, it has been proven that majority of the criminals belonged to a lower social group and were illiterate. If the government start educating or giving skillful training to them, it may improve their employment prospects which would result into crime reduction.  

To sum up, the traditional punishment of imprisonment should not be considered the only way to deal with criminals. It is important to provide education and other skills so that they can become transformed individuals. Therefore, instead of sitting idle in jail and thinking about vengeance, they will be preoccupied with more productive activities.

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RECIDIVISTS- reoffenders 

VENGEANCE- revenge


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