IELTS Essay # Most school offers some type of physical education program to their students

IELTS Writing Task # Essay 

Most school offers some type of physical education program to their students. Why is it important? Should physical education classes be required or optional?


Physical education has long been a compulsory subject within the school curriculum. Though some people regard it crucial for developing the habit of exercising among students, others oppose this view as they think that forcing students to do something is not an efficient way of generating their interests. In this essay, I will discuss why this subject should be obligatory for physically abled students.   

In today’s hi-tech society, a sedentary lifestyle is led by most of the youngsters. For holistic schooling, physical education must be mandatory since it helps students to get a break from academic pressure. Diseases like obesity and other illness can be avoided when a child actively participates in outdoor activities. In fact, the quest for national athletes begins at schools and the students also develop a sense of teamwork and brotherhood when they are involved in outdoor activities.    

On the contrary, a handful of people consider sports to be a waste of school and student’s time and resources. Furthermore, students who are physically disabled are forced to cope with the brutality and criticism of others on the field and can become vulnerable to bullies on the sports field. Students can be taught about healthy living and fitness in classrooms without the need for dragging them into physical exertion. 

I concur that unlike the bygone era in which children were forced to participate in certain activities, nowadays physical education should be a voluntary subject instead of a mandatory one. As students have the right to choose the subjects depending upon their interests, outdoor activities like sports and exercising should also be optional.  

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  • VULNERABLE- exposed to the possibility of being harmed or attacked.
  • BRUTALITY- savage physical violence


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