Essay # Discuss both sides Experience / Education

There are people of the opinion that to secure a good job it is important to attend a university while others believe that it is better if you develop soft skills and have an experience.
Discuss both sides.
Write the answer in at least 250 words.


“Education is a relative term”. On one hand, the most successful entrepreneurs, politicians and other personalities are the ones who have graduated from the world’s best universities; there is no dearth of people who made it big, even though they didn’t had any flashy certificates. The world has divided itself on this issue. There are people of the opinion that a degree of a well renowned university is essential for securing a good job, others believe that it is the real life education that makes the difference.
Safety, is the first reason to support a university degree. If you have completed your graduation from university, they provide you a 99% assurance of good job. It could be either a campus placement or a off-campus one. Secondly, people often trust you more. A degree gives people the reason to trust you. For example-: if a Harvard graduate asks for loan to open his/her company, nor would it be easier to get the loan but also people will be ready to support the project. Thirdly, you are saved from the everyday battle. If you have a degree, you need not to fight with everyone for a particular job. The competition reduces, making it all the more easier.
However, people who focus on their soft skills and experience, enjoy a different way of living life. The way that is quite different from others. The foremost advantage being that they experience life first hand. There is no theory in their case, it is all practical. No rules that need to be followed, it is all common sense and past experience that paves their way. For example-: Jack ma, the founder of ali baba and the richest person in china was rejected from Harvard ten times but it was his soft skills and the persistence to battle that helped him open the e-commerce site.
Overall, it doesn’t matters much whether you have a degree from a college or experience of life. What matters is whether you have the vision to monetize all what you have got and a deep desire to succeed in life.


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