Do You Need Idioms For IELTS?

Idioms are necessary if you want to get a band 7. So does that mean you have to use them if you want a band 7? And if you don’t use them you may slip of some of the marks? Wait, before we go into details of whether idioms should be used or not, what are idioms?

Idioms are the words, phrases or expression that do not have the same meaning as the actual words used. What do I mean by this? I mean you don’t go by their literal meanings. For example-: it is raining cats and dogs. Here, it doesn’t mean that cats and dogs are coming down from the sky instead of water. Rather it means it is raining heavily.

Now, idioms are used as a criteria for band 7 in your speaking section. What do I mean? I mean, the examiner is trained to spot if you use this kind of vocabulary. Now, it is obviously good if you know how to use them. But don’t try to fit them up while speaking, just because you get a good score for using them. Sounds stupid?? Well it makes complete sense. They want people who can use idioms, and use them well. so if you know how to use them, use. Else, don’t use them unnecessarily, make mistakes and lose marks.

You can also use idioms in your writing section, but then restrict them to informal letter writing. so, what should you do next? Go on and learn some idioms? I say, first question yourself. Are you already a a band 7? If yes, go on. Learn them, learn how to use them and perfect it. Chances are you may even get a higher score. If you are a band 5.5 or may be below, forget about them. Idioms are just a criteria to get a band7. It does not mean that if you don’t use them, you won’t get a band 7. There are other factors also playing role.

Don’t try to be a master, when you are not even naïve. Lay one brick at a time and lay it perfectly. You need not to worry about the wall, just focus on that one brick.


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