Stage You Loved # Speaking Section


Which stage was it?

Why was it glorious?

How you enjoyed it and say what lessons you learned?


Every one passes through different types of situations in their life. It is either weal or woe, but no matter what it is, the faith to continue counts. I remember one stage in my life which was really enjoyable and full of fun for me. It was after I completed my college and was trying to figure out things for myself in terms of what should I do with my life.

This was the time, I did content writing for a company, adding content to their websites. It was complete fun because I was doing something I was very passionate about i.e. writing and was getting paid for it. Even more the blog that I had started a year back, finally started getting 500 visitors every day adding more to my income. I made new friends, met like minded people and learnt a lot about the thing I loved the most. I remember, I even got a chance of writing a script for an advertisement and go on to shooting and see how set looks like.

The entire mood of that time was great. I was in love with the work I was doing and achieving things in it and even more it taught me valuable things for my life. I learnt that once you have your heart out at something, no one can stop you from achieving what you want. It was during this time that my convictions that you must do what you love became strong. I guess this was the time that marked a new beginning for me and has helped in shaping my life, the way it is now.


Introduction To Writing

You can go and read those n number of sample answers, cross check them with yours and pick out some good words from there, fit it in yours and then move with it. But then how long is it going to help you, even more can it help you if you are a novice to English. What if the entire question boils down to this one fact that you don’t understand how to analyse a bar graph or a line graph. You don’t understand what the fuss about essays is and what the things you must consider while writing them are. Even more how can you write impressive letters?
Well, we have a solution. Right now, I am not talking to those who are pretty good in English, have studied all through their lives in English medium schools and listen to English songs and need just mere time to improve a bit and get the desired band in IELTS. I am referring to those who have dreams of going abroad, living life they have dreamt of, but somehow, may be because of circumstances or any other reasons, haven’t been able to give English the required time and this has led them to a rather weak spot.
I hope you are going through the reading course and improving on your reading skills. But then IELTS is not just about reading, isn’t it? It is about speaking, listening and writing as well.
And so, we are now beginning with a writing course. You shall not find sample answers or other tricks and traps you read everywhere. In this course, you shall be taught, how to frame sentences, how to join them and make a paragraph and then make a complete sense out of it. How to then link those paragraph and create what is called a master piece, a perfect example of write up.
So, if you are someone who knowns vernacular language but has issues in expressing ideas in English, we bring to you the writing course.
This course, like the reading course, will have three levels.
Level 1 – You will learn how to express ideas in English. You will be learning the English words for your ideas.
Level 2 – Here you will be taught how to frame sentences, how to make sense in English out of what you know.
Level 3 – When you reach this level, you will learn how to frame paragraphs and then link them to create a fantastic right up.

Volcanoes # Practice Reading

You must have seen picture and movies of volcanoes erupting (when a volcano erupts or burning rocks, smoke etc. are erupted the burning rocks etc. are thrown out from the volcano), but do you know what a volcano actually is? To put it very simply, a volcano is a mountain that has a hole or vent(an opening that allows air, gas or liquid to pass out of or into a room, building, container etc.) that leads to reservoirs(a large amount ) of molten or liquid rock deep below the earth’s surface. As the pressure builds up inside the earth, eruptions occur. Gases and molted(heated to a very high temperature so that it becomes liquid) rock shoot up through the opening, and spill over, or fill the air with lava fragments(a small part of something that has broken off or comes from something larger).
Eruptions can cause sideways blasts, lava flows, hot ash flows, mudslides, avalanches, failing ash and floods. Volcano eruptions have been known to knock down entire forests. An erupting volcano can trigger(to make something happen suddenly)tsunamis too. Volcanic eruptions mould and shape the earth’s structure. They give rise to new land masses, and constantly create changes in the Earth’s atmosphere.
The word volcano comes from the roman god of fire, Vulcan. Vulcan was said to have had a forge(a place where objects are made by heating and shaping pieces of metal, especially one where a black smith works)- which is a place to melt and shape iron on the little island of volcano in the Mediterranean Sea, off Sicily. The island was the site of an active volcano in ancient times. Centuries ago, the people living in this area thought that the hot lava fragments and clouds of the dust erupting from a volcano came from Vulcan’s forge as he beat out thunderbolts for Jupiter, king of the gods, and weapons for mars, the god of war.

Do the following statements agree with the information given in the passage?
In boxes 1- in your answer sheet, write
TRUE if the statement agrees with the information
FALSE if the statement contradicts the information
NOT GIVEN if there information on this.

  1. Volcano is a phenomenon of eruption which can occur in any mountain.
  2. Eruptions occur when the pressure inside the earth’s surface increases.
  3. When lava erupts, only gases erupt out of the vent in the rock.
  4. After a volcanic eruptions, usually new landmasses are created and changes in Earth’s atmosphere are seen.


  1. False
  2. True
  3. False
  4. True


Matter # Practice Reading

Practice makes a person perfect and in the text below we are today practicing filling the words. So, given below is a text that is used to answer the questions for fill ups.

[PARA 1]

Anything which occupies( fill) space and has mass is called matter. Air and water; hydrogen and oxygen; sugar and sand; silver and steel; copper and coal; iron and wood; ice and alcohol; milk and oil; rocks and minerals; are all different kinds of matter, because all of them occupy space and mass.

[PARA 2]

If we look around us, we can see a large number of things of different shapes, sizes and textures. Many of these things are used by us in our everyday life. For example, we eat food, drink water, breathe in air and wear clothes. We use able and chair for studying and bed for sleeping. We also see other human beings, various animals, plants and trees around us. The things like food, water, air, clothes, table chair, human beings, animals, plants, trees etc. are all examples of matter.

[PARA 3]

The only conditions for ‘something’ to be matter are that it should occupy space and have mass. Now, the things like friendship, love, affection, hatred, good manners, do not occupy space and do not have mass. So, from the point of view of chemistry, things like affection, hatred are not considered matter.

[PARA 4]

Matter can be classified in a number of ways. Ancient Indian philosophers said that all matter, living or non-living was made up of five basic elements: air, earth, fire, sky and water. Modern day scientists classify matter in two ways: on the basis of its physical properties and on the basis of its chemical properties. On the basis of physical properties, matter can be classified as solids, liquids and gases. On the basis of chemical properties, matter is classified as elements, compounds and mixtures.

Source- science for ninth class, S.Chand.

Complete the notes below.
Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.
Something that possesses (1)___________ and (2)__________ is called matter. Matter is found in different (3) _____________, (4) _________ and (5) ____________. It gets classified in two ways. According to Indian philosophers matter was made up of five elements. However, the modern day scientists differ from tem and classify matter in (6)______ ways. On the basis of(7) _____________ and the basis of (8) ___________. Matter is of (9)________, (10)___________ and (11)___________ types on the basis of chemical properties and (12) _________, (13)______________ and (14)__________ on the basis of physical properties.

  1. mass
  2. space
  3. shapes
  4. size
  5. texture
  6. two
  7. chemical properties
  8. physical properties
  9. solid
  10. liquid
  11. gases
  12. elements
  13. compounds
  14. mixtures
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