How To Write An Effective Introduction

No matter it is, about writing an essay or a report, you need to write an introduction. Although you don’t get the entire marks based on your introduction but it surely has a huge role to play in your overall score. So, writing an effective essay always begins with writing an effective introduction. No, how can you write an effective essay? Well, there are three things that you can consider-:

  1. Write a general statement about the topic. For e.g., if the topic is about fossil fuels or the need of new alternative ways to generate energy, you could begin by stating; fossil fuels have been an integral part of our lives since ages. Now, they are at the verge of extinction. You can even quote something that you have heard of in recent times.
  2. The next most easiest and effective thing to do is paraphrase the question. Make use of synonyms, use idioms. The point is just take the idea from the question and paraphrase it to use it in the introduction. Remember, it is important that you use synonyms, because if you don’t and end up using the same words, you may lose marks.
  3. The last thing to do is write the thesis sentence. The thesis sentence is the one that straight away points out your point of view on it. For e.g. I completely agree with the statement given. Or maybe my opinion contradicts with the one provided.

Remember, introduction is the easiest part of writing an essay and the most important also. Make sure you put the best foot forward.

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How To Answer # Speaking Section

IELTS speaking is actually an interview wherein questions asked will be those that are related to you or you can say the ones whose answers shape up your life. For today, let’s look at how to answer speaking section.
“the saddest/happiest” moment of my life
This is the main topic. Now questions related to this main event or the main topic will be asked. Questions as in-:
What happened?
How did it changed your life?
How did you cope with it?(in case of saddest)
Who did you shared it with?(in case of happiness)

How to answer?
The questions asked are easy, you may even wonder what is the trick in answering, after all you know the answers of them. The trick is how you answer it. So remember the following while answering in the IELTS speaking test-:

  • Make sure your answer is organized. If you start talking about something, make sure you complete talking about it before you move towards something else.
  • Don’t repeat words. Make use of your vocabulary. Remember the better the vocabulary the better your score.
  • Make sure you sound grammatically correct.
  • Keep control of yourself. Such a question could get quite emotional for many. but remember you won’t be getting marks on how emotional you got while answering. Remember, it could be the most emotional moment of your life but you have to keep in check of your emotions while answering.
  • Don’t straight away begin by saying, the happiest/saddest moment of my life is this and that. make a plot before you begin. You can say, everyone has their happiest/saddest moment in their lives. Mine was when this and this.

Remember, presentation matters, so present well, use good vocabulary or may be some idioms, and increase your band.


Solving The Graph

The graph below shows the amount of fast food consumed by Australian teenagers in between 1975 and 2000.
Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and making comparisons where relevant.
Write at least 150 words.


How to do it?
Divide what all you have to write in four paragraphs.

This is the simplest thing to do while writing the paragraph because it already has been provided to you in the question. The first line of the question is itself the introduction. Now while writing it don’t just copy whatever is written. Make sure you paraphrase it. That is make changes to it, use synonyms of the words already used.
BODY 1 and BODY 2
The two paragraphs that contain body must explain the graph. Make comparisons where necessary, but don’t just try to copy down the entire graph. You do need to cover the entire graph, but only the important points. Remember you need to write 150 words, at maximum 170, not more than that.
This paragraph should bring out the two extremes of the entire graph. May be something was used or done more and the other thing very less, something that is the gist of the entire graph.

Graphs are really easy, once you understand what the graph is all about. Make sure you understand the graph correctly before you start writing the answer.


The Nearest Word #Vocabulary

Vocabulary plays a very important role in IELTS. Considering this questions to find

The Nearest Word

are given.
For each of the following sentences, choose the option that is closest in meaning to the word bold

  1. There were people during 1930s who were staunch nationalists.

    1. Strong and loyal in your opinions or attitude
    2. A force of attraction that causes people to move towards each other.
    3. Relating to or connected with money
    4. The study and measurement of time
  2. The national flag is unfurled by the president on 15 august every year.

    1. To take things out of something.
    2. Not seen or noticed
    3. To open something that is tightly curled or rolled.
    4. A person or thing that puts seeds in the ground
  3. He seems to compensate for the forefathers who disdained the poor.

    1. To form a wrong opinion about someone or a situation
    2. The feeling that somebody or something is not good enough for your respect
    3. Intended to help people remember and respect important person or event in the past
    4. Impressive to look at
  4. The police came to confiscate all our possessions.

    1. To officially take from something from somebody, especially as a punishment.
    2. A thing that causes disease
    3. Not very polite or educated or fashionable
    4. Making you unable to think carefully
  5. The inspector was astounded.

    1. To surprise or shock somebody.
    2. A number by which other number is divided
    3. A short horse with strong legs
    4. To be a perfect example of something.


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