Importance Of Fashion # Essay For IELTS

Some argue that fashion items cost too much money. Others say that is acceptable because fashion is an important part of life. Discuss both views and give your opinion.
Write at least 250 words.

Fashion is an art of living. Although some people are of the opinion that living fashionably is very costly, others support it by arguing that the high cost is acceptable owing to the fact, that, fashion is an essential part of our lives. Although fashion brings with it high cost, I believe looking at the broader sense of it makes one realize the importance of fashion.

Some people believe that fashion has a high price to pay. For example-: the bags of Prada, a fashion house, although are excellent but too expensive. In scenarios like these, trying to live up to date could turn out to be nightmare for some. Secondly, most of the fashionable clothes or shoes are very expensive. Buying such clothes can lead to a hole in the pocket.Some people, often consider fashion with brands and as a result spend lot of money on them. This has even caused debt in many cases. For example-: In many countries buying an apple phone is termed with living in tech space and often gets associated with an individual’s identity. People often to show off buy such phones in loan.

However, others argue that living in fashion makes life more beautiful. Firstly, fashion allows us to look presentable. Often, while working or during interviews, looking presentable is very important.
Even more while meeting new people, if you look presentable chances are they will hear you with an extra ear. Secondly, fashion is an art. For example-: if a person decorates his/her house with candles, the house surely looks good and this is part of fashion. Even more, some countries like Paris has beautifully decorated roads and walls. It makes walking on them more peaceful and exciting. All of this, often ignored but is part of fashion.

To sum up, fashion is not buying branded clothes and shoes, it is an art which surely could even be practiced with less of money. Although fashion could be quite expensive but we need to get out of the illusion of taking expensive things as fashion and understand the real meaning of fashion.


Freedom Of Speech # Essay For IELTS

Is freedom of speech necessary in free society? Give your opinions.

Speech is the most powerful tool, mankind can ever get. It were speeches of Hitler that persuaded Germany to fight the second world war, the speeches of Gandhi that ignited the fire amongst Indians to get freedom. And even in modern times, whether it is the win of Barack Obama or Narendra Modi, their speech has a major role to play. I believe a country can truly be considered free if its people have the freedom of speech.

Firstly, freedom of speech gives a sense of attachment with the country. People feel more connected if they have a say in the decisions of the country. Secondly, allowing people to speak their minds helps often helps in reaching better solutions. For example-: in 2006, when Indian government increased the reservations, people across the country came out and demanded that it would be unfair for them. This helped government in realizing their view point. Had there be no freedom of speech, may be the government had regulated it and given rise to a new revolt. Thirdly, a country becomes more democratic if the citizens are free to speak. The main idea of democracy, “a citizen’s nations” gets in acted with freedom of speech.

Although freedom of speech can even turn to a disaster if people are not tolerant. For example-: Often people tend to take someone’s opinion as offend and create issues for the person involved. Freedom of speech comes with great responsibility. The responsibility to accept other peoples’ opinion before they give their own. It comes with an understanding that different people can have different opinions and until they are not harming you, you must allow them to exist.

Overall, I believe freedom of speech marks a free society. The issues involved with it can be fought back only with education and acceptance of diversity.

CCTV Cameras # Essay For IELTS

Write the advantages and disadvantages of CCTV cameras.
Write at least 250 words.

Technology is a double edged sword. While innovation and upgrades can make our lives easier, they can be even used to cause trouble. Although most of us reap the benefits of technology, some with the vested interest are able to cause trouble to the rest of us. Security camera is one such modern technology which has proved to be a boon for 90% of the population by combating crimes. However, just like every other technology, it comes with its own disadvantages.

The biggest advantage with CCTV cameras is that they provide a sense of security to people. Even more the mischief makers try to be their best, because they can see an eye watching them and they are aware that they might be caught red-handed. In addition, CCTV cameras enable us to tab any suspicious activity that helps in stopping the crime before happening. The other great benefit of using CCTV cameras is that they create a room for gathering evidences. For example-: You have a witness for a particular crime, but it so happens that they them self missed out on some details. A CCTV camera ensure you don’t miss on anything.

On the negative side of the coin, CCTV cameras pose a great threat to the privacy of an individual. Even more it creates a sense of suspect in the minds of people. For example-: an employee may feel as if his/her employer does not trust him/her enough to let him/her work independently off the camera. Moreover, a camera is a costly thing to install. Apart from installing, they require proper time to time maintenance. Another issue with CCTV cameras is that they are quite vulnerable. For example-: a tech savvy thief with knowledge about the camera might close it when required or in worse cases the camera may be hacked.

To sum up, just like a knife can be used to cut a vegetable or do a murder, CCTV cameras have both advantages and disadvantages. It is upon us as to how we use it.

advantages and disadvantages of CCTV cameras

advantages and disadvantages of CCTV cameras


Both Parents Working # Essay For IELTS

In today’s competitive world, many families find it necessary for both the parents to go out to work. While some say the children in these families benefit from the additional income, others feel they lack support because of their parents’ absence. Discuss both views and give your opinion.
Write 250 words.

The world has encountered great revolutions, inventions and wars in the past few centuries. This has led to the change in the way the world and its people function. Gone are the days when women had to do “purdah” or they were denied voting powers. This is the era when “women empowerment” is being demanded by men. We are living in times when there is more of equality and moreover the competitive levels have significantly increased. We all want to live a luxurious life and this has led to a trend of both parents working.
There are people of the opinion that it is important for both the parents to work in such competitive times, if they want to survive. Working parents do bring in great advantages along with. Firstly, they are able to provide better facilities and standard of living to their children. Secondly, if both parents work, it ensures that they both are making good use of the education that they have taken. Even more, working makes a person more independent.
On the other hand, few believe that if both parents work, it deprives the child of the care and the nurture he/she deserves. This happens when the child is in his/her growing years. Parents are the best teachers and their absence surely creates a void which no tuition teacher can fill. Even more, if children don’t see their parents often in their growing years, they tend to lose contact with them, causing troubles in later years.
Overall, a balanced life can always be the way out. Leaving job might make several talented individuals dependent on their better halves and keeping it might be unfair to their children. I believe that both the parents should do a job if they can give their undue attention to the child and his/her life before they go out to work.


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