IELTS Essay Sample Questions # Foreign Language

You should spend 40 minutes on this task.

In some countries, schools have added a foreign language in the curriculum of primary schools. Do the advantage outweigh the disadvantages?

You should write at least 250 words.


We are living in a globalised world where a person sitting in India could be having a business conversation wit someone in New York or may be in China. The world has shrunk to 0s and 1s. Most schools therefore have now started offering a foreign language as a subject in primary schools.

Learning a language always helps an individual to grow faster and sharper. According to a survey, a person who knows more than one knowledge is better at taking decisions and doing multi-tasking. A foreign language in primary school syllabus will surely help students to develop their minds better and grow into smart individuals.

Even more, we often speak a language with a flair if we converse in it or have heard it over a period of time. Teaching a certain language right from the primary school can help students get a good grasp of it in the later years of life.

However, we are living in a dynamic world and what seems important now may become obsolete later on. Therefore, deciding on the language to be taught can be a tough choice. For instance, if a child learns Mandarin when young only to realise that Hindi has now become the most important language could lead to shift of attitude towards learning a language.  However, one cannot deny that a person who can learns a foreign language can learn another faster.

Overall, being able to communicate orally and in written in a foreign language is troublesome for a child in primary school. However, no matter how slower a learner is, an additional language always gives the person an added advantage in later years of life.


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