Traffic Congestion # Essay For IELTS

The increase in the amount of traffic is responsible for growing problems in many large cities and has resulted in traffic congestion. What are some of the measures to deal with this problem?


The growth in the quantity of traffic in most major cities has led to the problems of congestion in the peak traffic hours. This has caused increases level of stress along with some health diseases. Although the problem in itself is a major deal, with proper steps the solution can be reached.

Firstly, people must be made aware about the possible measures. For instance, every country figures out about the problems and solutions, but often they get caught up in the files and never reach the common man. Awareness that the problem can be solved, must be made among people. Secondly, sharing car among people, will lessen the number of cars, hence helping to reduce traffic. Thirdly,  if people use subways, buses and other public transport for their travel then traffic can be reduced. For example, in Singapore everybody uses public transportation. By the usage of public transportation, Singapore has no traffic problem.

Even more, it has been observed that the better the quality of roads, the lesser is the traffic. For instance, in countries like America, not only are the roads good they are even wide enough to handle the traffic. This helps in reducing congestion. Even more, government must take steps regarding it,such as increased taxes on vehicles, so that people buy it when they need it.

Overall, in my opinion, a problem can only be solved by joint efforts and therefore, to solve this issue we as individuals need to join hands with government, to ensure better driving experience.



International Sporting Events # Essay For IELTS

You should spend 20 minutes on this task.
Popular events like the football world cup and other international events are helpful in easing out tension between countries and releasing patriotic emotions in safe way. Discuss.


Every four years, the world stops to watch international sporting events such as football world cup or Olympics in which athletes show their best performance to make their country proud of them. These sporting events have proved to be essential in easing out international tension in difficult times when world powers were trying to bring peace while local governments were fighting over land. In my opinion, although international events bring nations together, they also have seen their dark days.
Looking at the positive side, the best example of such events are the world cups which tends to bring nations together, at least temporally. For instance, the cricket matches between Pakistan and other countries, especially India, allow people to forget the differences and compete pacifically and even embrace each other after an event.
Similarly, international sporting events show benefits in some developing countries which live in daily internal civil war. For example, Brazil has a high rate of unemployment, lack of education, hunger, crime, corruption which leads to immense embarrassment amongst Brazilians. However, when the football world cup starts, the Brazilian squad, which is considered the best team in the world, provokes an amazing feeling of pride in their country. It brings families, neighbors together and even rival gangs watch the game and celebrate peacefully.
Turning to the negative sides, such games have also been witness of racial discrimination and other frauds. When such events come into light, they tend to hurt the emotions of a group of people internationally, sometimes even worsening the situations.
In conclusion, sports have always been a great way to ease out tension and bring harmony. But, it must be taken care that the message being sent out during such games is right and of peace.


Prison As Punishment # Essay For IELTS

You should spend 40 minutes on this task.

Prison as punishment for criminals is a very effective way. Discuss.


These days, every time you turn on your television or flick through the pages of newspaper, you learn about the victims of crime. But what is the most effective way of combating crime? Some people believe that sending criminals to prison can help in reducing the crime rates. I agree to some extent with this opinion but firmly believe that prison is the place of rehabilitation but must be used only as a last option.

Firstly, life in jail is becoming quite money driven. Criminals with more money or power are often being offered services such as television, computers or sports facilities. Even more, in some cases they are provided cells that are different from others and are kept aloof. This creates a feeling of inequality and the idea that money is more powerful than law gets circulated.

Another reason why I regard prison as the last option for punishment is because in prisons, all criminals are kept together. So, for instance, a person acquitted of rape is kept with the same person accused of shop lifting. This results in the latter to open up more to the criminal world, increasing his/her chances of doing a crime.
However, prisons also serve as place for reassessment. It has often been seen that prisoners on realizing their mistakes, improve on themselves personally as well as professionally. This is mostly possible because of the various courses being offered to them.

All things considered, life in prison can be a good way to punish criminals but care must be taken on the details of how things actually function inside the bars. Personally, I believe prison must be the last option when all has failed.

What An Employee Wants # Essay For IELTS

There are people of the opinion that employers should provide a supportive and pleasant work environment while others believe that it is better to provide the employees with facilities and incentives.

What is your opinion?

Write at least 250 words.


A business can be successful only if it has a great team ready to build the business. An employer often has to make attempts to ensure that employees are comfortable with the job. Some people argue that that a supportive and pleasant environment and must be provided, however others believe employees must be given facilities and incentives. In my opinion, it is the combination of both that leads to success.

Mostly people do a job because they know the work and it becomes easy to earn money in that field. Providing a supporting environment could be of great benefits. Firstly, an individual will feel more connected with the company. For instance, an employer who makes sure that everyone in the company is treated equally is more likely to have a supportive staff, than the one, where people are treated according to the rank they have. Secondly, the employee works better in a pleasant environment. This is always good for the company.

However, some people believe it is better to provide facilities and incentives. For example, an employer who makes sure that every employee working in night shifts is provided with cab facility is more likely to find effective employees. Secondly, most people do a job for money. Providing incentives could just serve the purpose.

Overall, I believe an organization is run not by the leader but the team. Providing some facilities and a great environment to work in are the most essential things an employee looks for. The organization must aim to balance between both to lead a successful journey.



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