Media Projecting Slim Women

You should spend 40 minutes on this task.

Over the last few decades, the media has projected the image of women as young and thin.
What problems has this caused?
What solutions can you suggest to this?


Media in the changing times has played a very crucial role in defining the decisions made by people. With coming of the digital era and Internet, people are highly dependent on  advertisements to make changes in their lifestyle. One such change that has been observed, is that women are now trying to be slim because the notion that things girls are pretty has grounded people’s mind set. This has given rise to a new set of issues.

Firstly, with portraying slick women as the epitome of femininity, the society in large, makes the women question about themselves. This has caused a shift in the minds, from the importance of being healthy to be rather slim, even if it is at the price of becoming unhealthy. Secondly, this has caused a negative psychology among young girls, who if are fat, look upon themselves as inferior to the ones who are slim. The age when children are supposed to learn and explore the world, the hassles of body, could be quite disheartening.

The most effective solution could be making deliberate attempt, to show all women are beautiful. Movies, advertisements or songs, should portray women as human beings, who could be either fat, short, black, slim, fair or whatever, and yet be successful. This method could act as a counteract to the present notion.

Overall, often media forgets the importance it plays in the lives of people, and takes irresponsible steps. But, if the media tries again, the notions present could be changed for better.


Competing Young And Old # Essay For IELTS

Nowadays, more and more young people are competing with the old for the same job.

What problem does it cause and suggest a solution?

Times have changed and in these changing times, the competition levels have increased leaps and bounds. It has also brought about a tryst between the young and the older generation for the job, leaving both of them emaciated.

The biggest issue created with this new competition is that the young people have to compete with the older ones, who are more experienced, leaving them often unemployed. Secondly, the crime levels have increased since increased unemployment causes greater unrest among young people. Thirdly, unemployment at the older age, also leaves them financially upset. Poverty at the age when they cannot find new work is disheartening.

One effective solution could be to provide older people with social benefits so that they can retire without losing their social status. The second option to avoid the crisis is to fix some jobs for people of older as well as young, leaving competition for the other set of seats. Another possible answer is to offer a job share between elderly and young people so that both groups can gain some form of employment. Alternatively, older people can be employed to purely to pass on their knowledge and experience to the young rather than taking their jobs.

Overall, the issues do exist because of the competition among younger and older generation and can be avoided if there is a perfect balance maintained in order to ensure no one has to face the crisis of unemployment.



Problems In Cities # Essay For IELTS

People living in large cities face a number of problems in their daily lives.
What are the main problems in cities and how can these problems be tackled?

In recent times, more and more people are living in big cities and urban conurbations are expanding all the time. Although cities offer a great lifestyle and is a land of numerous opportunities, it also hosts some significant social problems affecting the lives of thousands of individuals. This essay will examine some of these problems in detail, and then propose some solutions.

One of the major problems facing people who live in cities is the high stress levels. Most of the people living in cities work under high work pressure, often leaving them emaciated at the end of the day. They tend to have not a minute for themselves and fall into the lazy habits of no exercise and eating junk food that worsen the situation. To solve this problem, awareness about health must be created by both the government as well as the organizations. Even more, the number of working hours must be reduced.

Another issue is traffic and pollution. With more and more people shifting their base to cities, not only have they become more congested but also the level of pollution as increased dramatically. The exhaust fumes from the cars cause air pollution, and as a consequence, more and more people are suffering from respiratory diseases, such as asthma. This problem could be addressed by charging people who travel alone in car.

Finally, another problem is the high property prices in cities. In many cities, buying a house often costs people an arm and leg, leaving them with no other choice than to live on rent. To add insult to injury, the prices of rent houses are often touching the sky. This results in poor health amongst individuals as they often spend their money on houses, leaving them with little to no money for daily expenditure.
To sum up, although it is clear that cities face a range of problems, it is un doubtable to solve these issues and improve the quality of life. Governments and local people must join hands to improve the situation, else it will fall into the black hole in near future.


Unhealthy Lifestyle In Children # Essay For IELTS

Most children these days have an unhealthy lifestyle. Both schools an parents are responsible for solving this problem. To what extent do you agree with this statement?
Write at least 250 words.

A child is like a clay, the way it get moulds, the shape it takes. And just like clay, it cannot shape itself, someone else has to do it. The potter of a child’s life are his/her parents and teachers. A child spends most of his/her time with his/her parents and teachers and they have a lasting effect on him/her during the growing years. So, if a child gets lost on the way of success it is the duty of parents and teachers to ensure that he/she comes back to track.

Most of the children admire their parents and teachers, they are his/her first idol and they truly want to become like them. So if children have unhealthy lifestyle it might be possible that they have seen it in their idols. The first step towards changing a child is to make sure that you yourself don’t follow the unhealthy lifestyle. Even more children don’t have a fair judgment of right and wrong and so parents must ensure that they are watching and listening the right things. For example-: often television shows stuff that could be easily grasped by children and is quite inadequate for them.

At present times most of the schools have become just a source of income for many. To change something in a child punishment is often granted. But rather the root of the problem must be found out and this can only be done by a teacher. It is only through interaction of parents and teachers that a child can truly learn.

Overall, a child can truly grow and lead a healthy lifestyle if the parents take their child as their utmost priority and teachers as their responsibility to make sure that child grows to be an asset for the country.






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