Academic Or General?

The moment before you decide you want to go abroad, you decide why you want to go? And the fact is the later question plays a more important role. Why? The reason is depending on your answer of the later question you choose whether you take ielts general module or academic module.

If you want to go abroad for higher education or may be for personal registration, you are required to take the academic module. You take the general module when you need to go abroad for more personal reasons, may be migration.

Although both the modules have all the four sections viz reading, writing, listening and speaking. Although the speaking and listening are similar in both the modules, the actual difference takes place in between the writing and the reading section.

Lets begin with the similarity-:
Listening And Speaking Section-: For both the modules, listening is 30 minutes long. Once you are done, questions based on it are asked. You will be given 10 minutes to mark the answers in your answer sheets. You usually hear monologues(i.e conversations) in the listening section. Speaking section in it has a face to face conversation with the examiner.

Now the difference-:
Reading Section-:
Academic Module-: Herein you will be given 60 minutes to answer three long passages. Passages could be factual, descriptive or anything else.

General Module-: as in academic, you will be given 60 minutes but there are three sections in it. In the first section, two or three short texts are given. You need to answer them.
The second section has got passage that are work related and the last section has passage related to your general interest.

Writing Section-:

Academic Module-: this module is 60 minutes long and you are expected to answer two questions.
In the first question you need to describe or explain a chart. In the next question, you need to write a short essay.
General Module-: As in academic module, it is of an hour. The first question is a letter. You have to write it in 150 words. The next is a short essay type question that has to be answered in 250 words.

So, choose wisely, what you want and then go for it with all your heart.

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