IELTS Cue Card # Searched for some information on the internet

IELTS Cue Card #searched for some information on the internet

Describe a time when you searched for some information on the internet.
You should say :

  • What it was?
  • Where did you look?
  • Was it helpful?
  • How did you use the information?


Sample Answer

I am an avid user of the internet. I use it almost on a daily basis. I wouldn’t lie I am quite reliant on the internet. I recently came across the Indian railway website and a special feature of the site is that it allows visitors to check the live status of the train. I was quite awestruck as I wasn’t even aware of this service launched by the Indian railways. It is a very useful website and it came in quite handy during those troublesome times when my mother came to visit me and I didn’t have any information about her coming to visit me.
At first I looked on the website of the Indian railways and a pop up came up asking me to install the app on my phone. I promptly installed the application on my Iphone and proceeded to look for the information. At first it wasn’t quite clear where to look but the help section in the app proved to be quite useful. It guided me step by step and gave me live updates of the train. The information was quite clear and what astonished me the most was that you can make bookings through the app as well.
Well my mother isn’t a frequent traveller and more often than not she is accompanied by someone or the other on her travels. Out of the blue she decided to come and visit me and I was informed about her plans quite late. Her train was meant to arrive at Delhi railway station by 10:30 pm and by the time I got there I was already late by 15 minutes. To my surprise, no information about the train was available and nobody was present in the enquiry booth. I started looking online and came to know that the train was late by 1 hour.
Firstly, I was greatly relieved that I hadn’t missed her and that she is still on board. I came to know of the arrival time and live status of the train through the app. It also gave information about the platform on which the train was meant to arrive and I made my way to the platform instantly. After waiting for almost an hour the train arrived and I picked her up.

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