IELTS Cue Card Sample Answer # Favorite Website


Describe a website you often browse.


You should say:

  • what is it
  • how long have you been using it
  • give details about the website

Why do you love the website?

Sample Answer

I have been using internet for now about 6 years, out of which I think 3 years I have used it extensively, visiting lot of websites and doing research and lots of fun work. There have been many sites which I love to visit, but I think the one that I go back to when I am not able to find anything else, is I believe it is one of the most amazing sites to be made in the history, because there are so many opportunities over there. You can learn lot of things from the website and then you can earn lot of money from it.

I have been using since past four years, I believe. With so many videos about events being uploaded onto it, it becomes very exciting to use it. So, there is this video about Steve jobs and you can hear him. His Stanford speech, his interview about Macintosh and his opinion about how life is lived. It is exciting because it seems as if you are actually interacting with the other person. And then there are video lectures by some great personalities. You get to learn and the best part is that it is for free. You learn because you want to and you enjoy it. I think the freedom that youtube gives is completely exciting.

Even more, people can now upload their videos and if they are able to bring in lot of viewers, google pays them and someone who has talent, it is such a great opportunity. You get to be your own boss and be creative.

favorite website was founded by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim and the domain was activated on February 14,2005. The idea behind the founders was to be able to upload videos and share it with their friends. What was thought to be just a website where people could simply share their videos, turned out to be a great startup. It was in around 2006 that google acquired the website and since then it has been merged together with lots of google products like google+.

I think what makes me and so many people fall in love with the website is surely the freedom that it gives. You get to learn things and implement them and then earn lot of money out of it.

How long have you been using Internet?

I started using internet when I stepped into the college, but I remember, it was two years from then that I actually started using internet for lot of things. So, I would just go out and listen to lot of those videos and read the Wikipedia pages. For the initial two years, I used internet only for facebook and when I had to make presentations, but later in college I came to know about the importance it plays in our lives and have been using it extensively since then.

How has internet changed your lifestyle?

I would say it has made me more enlightened. So, earlier I was limited to the resources that I had, so the teachers and the people I used to meet in daily life. But now, it is more like, the approach from just adjusting with the average has changed to going for excellent and becoming excellent. There are no boundations anymore.

What do you think could be the possible uses of internet in the future?

My personal opinion is that our lives will revolve around internet in the future and that is for sure. So, we will be able to see automatic cars that work entirely on internet. It might be possible to figure out the emotions of the other person, just by scanning their face to the scanner and internet will find out the results. So, may be people will get to know what the other person is feeling. It might even be possible that we are able to figure out what is necessary to buy in a particular month, and may be internet will help us in finding out a good budget.

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