IELTS Cue Card Sample Questions # Ideal Home

You should spend 1 minute in writing your notes.

Describe your ideal home or place to live. You should say –

  • where would it be?
  • how big would it be?
  • what would it contain?

also explain, why this kind of accommodation attracts you?

  • Almora
  • old house
  • 2 rooms, drawing room, big backyard from where mountains visible
  • study room and a bedroom
  • bike, books, media content
  • live with family
  • location is fantastic
  • memories of the place
  • get to live a life of the traveller

Bedroom – a room used for sleeping

shed – separated building from the house used for keeping garden tools

hall – an open area as you come into the house

terrace or patio – the paved area between the house and garden for sitting and eating

detached house – a house that is not connected to any other building


My dream house for a very long time has been my grandfather’s place in Almora. It is a detached house with a large patio from where we can see the Himalayas. On winters, when it is all snowy, looking at the Himalayas is much more peace than anything in the world. For a long time no one has been living in that house, but it has two rooms, a big hall, kitchen and other necessities.

I’d like to renovate the house and make it as per my imaginaton. It’d be amazing to have my study room there. The room has a window, outside of which is a big tree. In the room, I’d prefer the walls to be painted purple and on the adjacent side of the window would be my study table. Near to it will be my laptop table. On that table will be my gadgets.

The other room, the bedroom will have a window along with a small table beside my bed. On that table, I’d prefer having novels that I will read before going to bed. On a larger scale, my ideal house is the one with books, media and bike. The reason I call it my ideal house is because of the memories attached with this house and the perfect location that it is in. Living in the house gives me a perfect balance of being a traveller and a homely person.



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