IELTS Cue Card: A special cake you made for someone

IELTS Cue Card: A special cake you made for someone

You should say:

  • who you made the cake for
  • what the occasion was
  • what type of cake it was
  • and explain how that person felt on receiving the cake.

Sample Answer

Any special occasion is incomplete without cakes. That’s what I suppose. On last Mother’s day, I thought of giving my mom a little surprise. I planned to bake a delicious cake for her.

Early morning I went to a nearby grocery store to buy all the ingredients I needed to make the cake. I bought flour, cocoa powder, some cookies, chocolate chips and whip cream. I bought a big bar of dark chocolate as well.

My mom happens to be a big fan of dark chocolate. I decided to bake a dark chocolate cake for her. I searched for a recipe online and followed the process step by step. I mixed the flour well with butter and added the cocoa powder according to the measurements described. I melted the dark chocolate bar and added the same to the mixture. The batter smelled great.

Once the batter was ready, I heated the oven and poured the batter into the mould and let it go for baking. Meanwhile, I went to a nearby florist to get some red roses for my mother. Once the cake was ready I decided to decorate it with everything that I had on hands. I used Oreo cookies to build the boundary layer around the cake, accompanied by a fine cream rim. I made a small wafer board with “Happy Mother’s Day” written and put it on the cake.

I took the cake to my mom and she was surprised to see it. I gave her the flowers too. She was delighted beyond words. She happily took the knife and cut the cake and offered me a piece. It was delectable. I wished her a happy Mother’s Day and hugged her. As it was a big cake, she even shared it with her friends. Everybody loved it. I felt great for making her day special.



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