IELTS Cue Card # Describe something or someone that made a lot of noise.

IELTS Cue Card # Describe something or someone that made a lot of noise.

Describe something or someone that made a lot of noise.
You should say


  • Who or what made the noise?
  • What was the noise like?
  • What did you do when you heard the noise?
  • And how you feel about it?
Sample Answer:

We come across different kinds of noises that disturb us daily as there is a lot of noise pollution in India. So, I am going to talk about one such instance where a fan made a raucous. It was the time of summers and I was sitting in the examination hall, ready to give my entrance exam for IIT. It was an old government school building which had a worn out fan on the ceiling.
It constantly made a caterwauling sound which broke my concentration and I couldn’t properly focus on my exam. I could feel that it was disturbing almost every candidate sitting in the hall but we all knew we had to take control of our senses and outperform in the test, as everybody had been preparing for it since last two years. It was scorching hot so we couldn’t even think of turning it off. I felt that it was galling to have such a problem during an important exam. However, I knew how important that exam was for me, I gathered all my senses, took a deep breath and gave my best to the exam. Once the time ran out everyone started going out of the exam hall, I could again hear the shriek sound of the fan but this time it didn’t irritate me and I felt joyful that my exam went well.
Today when I look back I realised that one should always have the skill to have a control over their senses and focus on what is more important.

Follow Up Questions:

Q1. Where can people hear a lot of noise in your country?
Answer: As there is a lot of noise pollution in India, people can hear all sorts of noises at public places like bus stations, railway stations, malls and on the roads where there is a huge traffic. Apart from that, in India, various kinds of processions like religious and weddings keep happening which creates a lot of raucous.

Q2. What can be done to reduce traffic noise?
Answer: The government can make strict rules about unnecessarily honking and this should be considered a traffic violation. Other than that, the loudspeakers should be banned specially near the places like hospitals and schools.


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