IELTS Cue card # Describe a special hotel you stayed

IELTS Cue card # Describe a special hotel you stayed

Describe a special hotel you stayed in
– Where it is
– What the hotel was like
– Why you went there
And explain how you felt about it

Sample Answer

In these modern times, the hospitality industry is flourishing, especially in tourist destinations. Good hotels add much value to it as they make the vacation episode more exciting.
Today I would like to share my experience of staying in one of the most popular hotel of India, Taj Mahal Palace. This legendary hotel is situated in Mumbai, next to the Gateway of India. It is a five-star luxury hotel which is not only popular among Indians but also internationally known as a lot of foreigners visit here.
The hotel looks like a grandeur palace with six floors and a big dome at the centre. Apart from that there was a portion of hotel that was under construction because that area of hotel was charred after 26/11 terrorist attacks. The security at the hotel was really strict, everyone entering the hotel was thoroughly checked. I had gone with my family and we had lavish stay there. My room was super spacious with antique furniture and it was located on the third floor of the hotel. The windows of room offered a beautiful view of the sea and the Gateway of India. The services provided by the hotel staff was highly appreciable.
I had gone to Mumbai to attend my cousins wedding. It was a three-day event in Colaba and few intimate ceremonies were also held at the same hotel we stayed in, hence we chose this iconic hotel of India to make these days even more memorable.

Follow Up Questions:

Q. How do People Book Hotels these Days?

These days people book hotels through popular online platforms like MakeMyTrip, OYO and many more. People book rooms a few days in advance, to ensure hassle-free check-in. The payments can be made online as well as at the hotel, which makes the experience even more convenient.

Q. What makes People choose a Particular Hotel?

While choosing hotels some people consider hotels based on the prices and affordability, while others may choose a hotel based on the amenities and services which are offered. Apart from that people also look for hotels based on their location like near airports and railway stations so that their trip can be more convenient. While others look for a hotel in a peaceful, quiet, and serene location.


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