IELTS Speaking Cue card # skill that you can teach other people, Cooking

IELTS Speaking Cue card # skill that you can teach other people, Cooking

Describe a skill that you can teach other people
• What the skill was?
• How you learnt it?
• How can you teach others this skill?
• How do you feel about this skill?

Sample Answer:

I believe learning new skills adds value to our personality and makes us versatile. It is extremely important to enrich oneself with new skills. Therefore I recently learned cooking, which is one the basic life skills that an individual must possess.
One Sunday afternoon, my mother was cooking Honey chilli potato and I asked her to teach me how to cook, that was the first time I cooked along with her. Cooking that day was so fun that I grew interest in it. I also started watching a lot of YouTube tutorials on cooking. Initially, I understood the basics of cooking and gradually started from simple recipes. As practice makes a man perfect. Now, I can say that I’m a wonderful chef and I can make several mouth watering delicacies.

In today’s era it is very easy to teach cooking. I believe cooking is one such skill that everyone must know. In fact I’m planning to start a YouTube channel where I can teach others how to cook. Apart from that my mother has also suggested me to give cooking lessons at home and I would like to give it a second thought. I will prepare a kitchen studio where I can teach online as well as offline.

On the whole, I feel learning to cook has made my life easier. I don’t have to depend on anyone for my meals, now I can cook my own food. It has also made me health conscious as now I’ve a good knowledge about nutrition.
I’m extremely happy to learn this new skill. Whenever I’m bored at home, I try to create some new dishes every time. It’s a fun activity for me which helps me relieve the stress. Specially on weekends I make food for the whole family and we enjoy our meals together and make memories.

Follow Up Questions:

Q. Why should we learn new skills?
Acquiring knowledge about new things always gives us new experiences in life and we as individuals become capable of handling new challenges in life. Learning new skills also increases our productivity. Therefore I feel it’s extremely important to keep learning new skills.

Q. Which age group is best for learning?
I believe there is no age for learning. Learning only requires dedication and discipline. We can learn any time irrespective of our age.

Q. What is more important, practical skills or academic skills?
In my opinion, both are equally important for an individual to excel. Academic skills increases the knowledge of an individual while practical skills helps in advancing one’s caliber.

Q. Which skill is most important in today’s world?
In present days, Computer skills play a pivotal role. Computer skills is required not only for IT professionals but in all kind of professions. It increases our work performance and minimises human labour. Specially in recent times, computers have helped us in communication. Due to pandemic, everything like education, official meetings are being held online which makes computing skills most essential.



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