IELTS Cue Card #Someone gave you something you really wanted

IELTS Cue Card, Someone gave you something you really wanted

Describe when someone gave you something you really wanted

  • What it was
  • When you got it
  • How you got it
  • How you felt after receiving it


Sample Answer Audio
Sample Answer One

I am not used to getting presents as such. I am quite a big gamer to be honest and my Xbox was running on borrowed days. It would leave me fuming at times as it’ll hang in the middle of the game and at times, I am not even able to save the session before it turns off. I broke my Xbox and got bored of the Microsoft platform so I was looking to get the latest version of PS4. I did save some money and was looking for the best possible deals to get a new gaming device but budget constraints and student life made it quite difficult to own such a high end gadget.
As I said I am not used to receiving gifts so it has to be a very special occasion for one to spoil me. We share a special bond and she generally leaves the best of the surprises for my birthday. I was turning 22 just graduated out of college and about to move abroad for further studies. I wouldn’t be able to celebrate the next two birthdays with her due to study commitments so she thought of doing something special for me.
My sister must have heard the conversation I was having with my friend regarding it and decided to get me a PS4 on my birthday. Little did I know that I’ll be getting that as a present rather than buying it myself. I was reading and gathering information about it on a daily basis. I was looking for the best deals online and even arranged for some vouchers that I could have redeemed against the purchase.
I was over the moon. Happiness like that cannot be expressed in words. She went the extra yard to make my birthday so special and what was even more overwhelming was the manner in which she surprised me. My friend called me and asked me to get home as soon as possible. When I got home, I was surprised to see entire family and friends gathered together to celebrate my birthday. We had a great time together and danced all night to some great tunes. (360 Words)

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Sample Answer Two

Over the years I have garnered a long wish list consisting of a variety of enticing objects that have captured my attention. Ranging from collectible items and books to cars and motorcycles. It is a quite common phenomenon and I am sure to be ecstatic whenever I acquire any of these things.

There was this one time when I came to know about a new watch on the market. The watch had a lot of modern and rare features such as a barometer, a compass, and an altimeter. Made of tough materials, it also offered solar charging along with world time facility as well. I wanted it because I like going on trekking trips and taking walks in forest areas, and the features in this watch would help me a lot during such expeditions. Consequently, I looked around for it and I knew that I wanted it as soon as I set my eyes on it. So much so, that I printed out a picture and pasted it on my bedroom wall and in the meanwhile also started saving for it. One day my mother told me that my uncle was coming over to visit us in the upcoming month. I was ecstatic as he always came bearing gifts and adored me a lot. The time came and my uncle arrived at our home. He unpacked his bag and called me over, handing me a package.

Surely, I was surprised and tore it up to look inside. There it was, the watch of my dreams, packed neatly in the brand packaging. I really was very delighted upon receiving this watch as I like wearing watches and did not have one back then. I was very happy and I hugged my uncle while thanking him profusely.

word meaning
Garnered gather or collect. Example – The police failed to garner enough evidence against the suspect.
Phenomenon a fact or situation that happens. Example – Glaciers are interesting natural phenomena
Ecstatic feeling happiness or joy. Example – Ecstatic fans filled the stadium to see the match.
Profusely in large amounts. Example – The book is profusely illustrated with photos

(295 words)

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Describe something important you lost in the past.

Describe something important you lost in the past.
  • What did you lose?
  • When and where did you lose it?
  • Why was it valuable to you?
  • What did you do afterward?

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There are many things that we tend to lose sometimes due to different reasons. I have also lost a few things during the course of my life, due to negligence or ignorance. One such incident took place when I lost my wristwatch. I remember the incident as that watch held a very special significance in my life.

This happened two years ago in the month of January. I was visiting another city in order to attend a friend’s wedding. After reaching my hotel and after getting ready I immediately left for the cocktail party event which was taking place in a famous club there. While partying, I was instantly lost in the moment with my friends. We had a lot to drink and eat and lost track of time as the evening progressed. I must have taken off my watch and kept it somewhere as I realized that it was missing while leaving. I desperately tried to look for it afterward but to no avail. Subsequently, I notified the staff and they promised to look for it. Next morning I went back to the club only to be notified that they were unable to find it.

I was depressed and cursed myself for my negligence. That watch was very valuable to me as it was not only a gift from my grandfather but his only belonging that I had. I urged the club staff to try once again and came back with a heavy heart. Following this incident, I vowed to be aware of my belongings at all times so that such incidents can be avoided.

(265 words)

word meaning
Negligence Failure to take proper care. Example – George’s injury was due to the negligence of his employers
Ignorance lack of information. Example – John acted in ignorance of basic procedures
Progressed moved forward in time. Example – as the century progressed the quality of telescopes improved
Vowed solemnly promise. Example – the rebel soldiers vowed to continue fighting

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IELTS Speaking Task Cue Card: Describe a time when you lost your way.

Describe a time when you lost your way.
  • When and where did it happen?
  • How did you feel when you were lost?
  • How did you find your way out?
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Sample answer

Everyone visits some new place for leisure or work. We ask people for directions or refer to maps to reach our destinations without getting lost. Sometimes we also lose our way and end up in the wrong place. I can vividly recall one such incident where I was lost in a dense forest.

I am a traveler and I like visiting new places. It was during the last winter in December that I shifted to Dehradun which is a hilly area. As soon as I settled down there I took my car and left for a tourist spot famous for its sunset views. After reaching there I parked my car and walked into the trails enjoying the surroundings. Sometime later when the sun was setting I realized that the trails were a maze and I did not keep track of my way back. It was very cold and fear was settling in as I was all alone.

Meanwhile, my mobile phone battery was drained and I started to look around for help. Without panicking, I looked everywhere carefully for danger or any other person. I suddenly saw a faint light in the distance which was emanating from a bonfire. Consequently, I went up to it and found a few local people camping in the forest. They knew the whereabouts very well and told me the way back to the main road where my car was parked. I thanked them a lot after heaving a sigh of relief. I was genuinely scared due to the possibility of being attacked by a wild animal with no help in sight. But I was glad to find out this group and to receive their reassurance of safety.


word meaning
Trail A narrow path or an unpaved road. Example – Jane went up the mountain trail very quickly.
Maze A confusing network of paths. Example – Alisha was trapped in a maze of corridors.
Panicking To be alarmed and feel nervous. Example – The crowd panicked and ran for the exit.
Reassurance Removing someone’s doubts or fears. Example – Children need reassurance and praise.


(281 words)

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IELTS Writing Task 2 Essay: Researching and treating diseases is too costly so it would be better to invest in preventive measures.

Prevention is better than cure. Researching and treating diseases is too costly so it would be better to invest in preventive measures.
To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Prevention and cure are two different concepts that are intertwined. Prevention from diseases is considered better than cure because it saves us from the problems of curing through medicines. Today the cost of research and treatment of many diseases is skyrocketing. Hence, in my opinion, prevention is always better than cure. The concept of cure should always be given less importance than prevention, as the latter is cheaper, better, and more convenient to implement.

This idea teaches us to be careful at all times. This should be followed in order to keep any problems at bay and maintain a healthy body at all times. Research and treatments for ailments might be advancing at a good pace, but they have their own limitations. Without prevention, these ailments can grow bigger and exponentially so. There may come a point where even the best cure has a possibility of failing.

Furthermore, being healthy is any day better than being sick, as it takes a toll on one’s body. Cures may accelerate repair and growth of the body and its functions, but such damages are never fully recoverable. Ailments of any kind may be able to disrupt our lives in different aspects. People now understand cure as a key to a healthy life with room for negligence and rash lifestyle. Prevention requires efforts, and people in today’s world have become lethargic in this context. However, we need to focus more and engage resources on the idea of prevention rather than utilizing multifold resources on a cure.


288 words


Words Meanings
Intertwined connected or linked. Example – as with most traditions, fact, and fiction have become intertwined.
Skyrocketing Increase very steeply. Example – The cost of the welfare system has skyrocketed
Implement Put something to effect. Example – The government will implement new rules by the next year.
many and various. Example – The implications of this decision were multifold.

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