IELTS Cue Card Sample Questions # Fashion Status

We are living in times when people often live to impress others. We do things to get recommendation from others. This time in cue card we are looking at questions about things that have become simply fashion status and people have them because others have, nothing else.

Describe a thing that has become a fashion status and people buy it for no reason.
You should say :

  • what is it?
  • why people use it
  • do you have it?

explain how has it influenced people nowadays.


In my opinion, I think iphone has surely become a fashion status. Earlier, people who could afford it bought it. But, now it seems everyone wants to have an iphone to prove that they earn no less than others. People often take loans or save for like months to have the phone. Most of them do not entirely know the technology behind it and have it just to have it.

The main reason behind people going for an iphone is it has got good camera and on that note, they are not wrong. The other good thing about it is that it never catches virus so your data is safe even after years of use. However, I still don’t have an iphone and right now have no reasons to buy it either.

iPhone is a symbol of perfection and people who buy it often mark it as a symbol of perfection in their lives.


I think pricey sunglasses and those expensive clothes that people buy are surely for fashion status and nothing else. More often than not, one can get the same stuff or even better from the local market. But, with the advertisement industry doing the rounds, people often go get things that they believe everyone else is buying.

And then there is this maniac of doing things like their favorite stars. If they find their favourite stars wearing a certain brand, they are more likely to buy things. So, sunglasses of RayBan for example. They surely are good but then most people who buy them don’t even know why they are buying it.

Wearing sunglasses has surely become a cool thing these days. People wear them and click themselves to show case how amazing their lives are.

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