IELTS Listening Sample Questions # Sighing

Often in life, we sigh! According to dictionary, sighing is when you emit a long, deep audible breath expressing sadness, relief, tiredness, or similar. So, yes, whenever you want to show sadness or may be relief you sigh! This time let us listen to a BBC 6 minutes audio on what exactly it is and why people do it!

Listen to the audio below and answer the following questions in NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS.

  1. How many times does a mouse sigh in an hour on an average?
  2. Which term is used to depict that sighing helps us in living?
  3. What word refers to the system of behaviour?
  4. What does returning something back to its original position called?
  5. The tiny sacs of air in our lungs are called what?
  6. Which type of action is sighing?
  7. Which feeling do we get when things aren’t going well, when things are annoying us and they don’t work?
  8. What is the feeling we get when we finally accept that something bad has happened, that we can’t change?
  9. How many times does a human sigh in an hour on average?
  1. 40
  2. survival mechanism
  3. mechanism
  4. reset
  5. alveoli
  6. reflex
  7. frustration
  8. resignation
  9. 12