IELTS Speaking Sample Answer # Luxury Items

We all crave for some or the other luxury item. However, luxury is a very relative term. What might seem to be luxury for one might be the basic requirement for other. No matter what, we all want to live luxurious lives. Let us have a look at some of the questions related to luxury items.

What is one luxury item you really want to have?

I would some day love to have a lamborghini outside my house. More than my house, I wish to gift it to my father.


What are the items that your country imports?

There are so many things each country imports and then exports. In case of my country, India, it imports oil, electronic items, beverages, aircrafts, plastics, iron and steel and many more.

Do you think developed countries focus too much on luxury items?

I think they do have the privilege to go for luxury items. Because at the end of the day their basic requirements are being met. Once they are met, looking forward to living for more than a basic life is something we all crave for.

What is exported by your country?

India is one of the largest exporter of oil based products. It is even one of the leading producers of steel and exports automobiles throughout the world. India even exports precious items like gold. It is the balance between the imports and exports that help the country to grow.

What do you think is the most popular luxury item in your country? Who is it made by?

I can think of Caprese bags as some luxurious item preferred by women in my country. Most of them go gaga over the bags and are even flaunted by some well knows personalities. The brand is owned by VIP, and Indian Brand.

Have you ever been jealous that someone had something you didn’t?

Well, there have been those weak moments here and there. Like very recently, the girl who lives next door to me has a laptop. She is a student and not even uses the laptop properly. But, I have a job and earning well but still am not able to afford a laptop which made me jealous. But, later I realized that there is no point of being jealous as I can buy it for myself as well.

Do you think that luxury goods make people happy? Why or why not?

They do make people happy, sometimes. Like, if a person works really hard and saves money for something big and luxurious and is able to finally buy it, the happiness is beyond imagination. However, if someone who already earns well buys some luxurious item, does not makes any difference. In my opinion, it is the pressure of saving money and then spending that makes buying luxurious items fun.

What do you think expensive perfume is made from?

Expensive perfumes are often made from the most refined and natural flavors. Like pepper or may be rose. While using them it is made sure that the natural essence of these things is maintained. It is then the process of making such perfumes that makes them expensive.


What is that one thing that can make you happy? How long do you think you can remain happy with it?

As of now, I think the only thing that can make me happy is the DSLR camera. I am in real need of it as I want to start a travel blog of mine. Also, if I get a good college through IELTS, I will be needing it to capture all the beautiful moments lying ahead. I think as long as I am able to use it and stay connected to my dreams through it, I will be happy.


Who are the best electronics made by?

I think apple makes some great electronic items. Apart from apple, LG, sony, canon are even great leaders in the market of electronic goods.

Do brand name prices mean quality?

Yes, too an extent. Because a brand is able to make its name only after there is a long journey of trust from its consumers. And it is only after some time that people start trusting the brand completely. Based on their trust, more number of people tend to buy the same products. So, yes of course, brand names do mean quality.

Which types of products must have brand names if you are going to buy them?

I think when I am buying food items, I do look for brand names. Because it is something that I am going to consume and it will affect by body, which is the most important thing for me. So, I prefer going for brands. Apart from food, I look for brands in cosmetic items and shoes.

How often do you spend money on things you know you shouldn’t? What kind of things do you buy?

It is very rare that I spend money on something that I don’t need. Most of the times I make a budget for myself and try to stick with it. However, if there is something that I really like, especially bags or books, I go for it, no matter what the price of book or bag is.