IELTS Speaking Sample Answer # Motivation

Motivation is that catalyst that is important for achieving something. If you are not motivated enough to do things, often it so happens that you end up not doing it or giving up. There are so many things people derive their motivation from, some derive from people, others from quotes, some from themselves. Let us today, have a look at some of the questions related to motivation.

What motivates you? Why?

I think my dreams motivate me. The image that I get of myself, that I am going to be successful, the image of what life will be after that, it just makes me going on.

Are you very motivated to do things or do you need motivation?

Most of the times I am self motivated, but then there are days when I feel truly exhausted and lost or worn out. It is in those days that I seek motivation, either from the letters that I have written to myself or from the quotes of successful people, or most probably through some songs.

What activity do you have no motivation to do?

Writing for me requires no motivation, I can do it just like that, because it is so much fun doing it.

What is a great motivational quote?

” The life that we are living,the world that we are living in, was created by people no smarter than us. And if we don’t like it, we can change it. ‘. This was something said by Steve Jobs, and I find it very motivating because it tells me that I can make the change as well.

Have you read any good motivational books or articles? What were they about?

I have read “The Secret” by Rhonda Bryne and I think it is one of the most motivating books that I have read. I tells you that whatever is happening to you is what you have thought for yourself and when you start thinking in some other way, you can change the things, and the events happening to you.

Does motivation come from inside a person or from their environment? Explain why you think so.

I think motivation comes from within. Yes, definitely there are outside factors also. Like, a person who reads Steve Jobs or Mahatma Gandhi is likely to get motivated but to be able to move with it, to remain motivated, focused on your goal it requires, motivation,the one that comes from within. The determination to do things.

How can you help someone who has no motivation?

I think no one can help a person without any motivation, because it is the most important thing to be able to do something. A person with no motivation is more likely to fail, but, what we can do is, show them the life of people who fought back failure, loss and death and can out alive. Like, Steve Jobs, the one man who was kicked out of his own company, built up a new empire. And then Colonel Sanders and Abraham Lincoln who gained success in the later years of their lives.


How often do you exercise or workout? What is the best way to motivate yourself to work out?

I workout everyday in the morning. I go out for jogging and then do some sort of stretching. I think the best way to motivate yourself for work out is to imagine yourself young and old. When we are young it is so easy to do things, jump off and dance, but then as one goes old it becomes so difficult. But, it is only when the young work hard, work out that they can remain young for a long time.

What song do you listen to for motivation?

There are few songs that I listen for motivation. One of them is “Brothers Anthem” and then there are several others like “drag me down”, “I bet my life” and “roar” .


Do you think motivation posters in offices help?

I think too an extent they do help because they remind of what we are doing. Even these bring lot of positivity along with them. But, it is only useful if the person is motivated from within. If there is no motivation within, then there is no point of any motivation poster.