Write Scholarship Winning Essay

Many universities, although not all, require you to write an essay for granting you a scholarship. This task is added to know you beyond your grades and other academic credentials. An essay gives an insight to the life goals, challenges and the aspirations of the applicants. Fair enough? Yes it is. It actually lets you inside a very competitive field of college scholarships, giving you a chance to tell your story. It that one opportunity to explain them that although you may be not good enough in one field but you surely excel in your field. It is chance to tell the university your life story, your dream, why you deserve it.

So, how to write an essay? What makes it worth wining a scholarship?

1.Read the instructions very carefully. Don’t just look at the title and start to write. Remember, this is going to affect your life. Make sure to be very attentive.

2.Think carefully about what you are going to write. May be for two or more days. Think about the various approaches you can take to write.

3.Draw an outline before writing the first draft. Think of it as making a map, it will take you to the best destination. Focus on your outline. Make sure all the points you wish to cover in your essay be put in there.

4.Move towards drawing the first draft. Start by writing about all the points you have highlighted in the outline. Aim to have one point flow nicely to the next point.

5.Include all your accomplishments. They could be about a charity club you helped or a ngo with which you are associate. Or may be about some extra-curricular activity. Remember not to brag, but point out the inspiration for it.

6.Leave the essay. May be for two or three days. Don’t even think about it. Then come back to it again. Check your mistakes with a fresh mind. Use all sorts of editing programs to make sure your essay is free of any sort of error.

7.Take a look at the instructions again and make sure that you have adhered to each and every point stated.

8.Ask someone you trust to read your essay. Make any necessary changes.

9.Finally, just read it once again and you are ready to send it off.

Winning is a matter of opportunity meeting hard work. Make sure you do it properly.

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