Albert Einstein # Day 1

Albert Einstein, hailed (to describe somebody or something as being very good or special, especially in newspapers etc.) as the greatest (extremely good and therefore admired by people) physicist (a scientist* who studies physics) of the 20th century, found the relation between energy, mass and the speed of light. That marked (made a noticeable or distinct impact) a milestone (a very important stage or event in the development of something) in human progress. He defined the special theory of relativity in 1905 and, ten years later, the General Theory of Relativity. He thus enlarged (to make something bigger) Sir Isaac Newton’s understanding of the universe. Stephen hawking, a British physicist, chose the growing field for the further study. He came up with a theory about the origin of the universe. He said that the universe began with a big bang. He predicted (to say that something will happen in the future) that the universe would end up as a huge black hole.
What is a black hole? A black hole is far out in space. It is dark because it does not reflect light, but sucks light in. You can look upon a black hole as a light guzzler (a car that needs lot of petrol). But it is not called by that name. Names often end up as misnomers (a name or a word that is not appropriate or accurate). Think of a sun Ayana with a squint (a condition of the eye muscle which causes eye to look in a different direction) or a Manohar who is as ugly (unpleasant to look at) as a toad (an unpleasant person). No black hole has a hole. In reality, it is tightly packed with matter and hence very dense (difficult to see through).
* Scientist is someone who studies one or more of natural science
Use the words given below to answer the following questions-
Hailed, greatest, physicist, mark, milestone, enlarged, predicted, guzzler, misnomers, squint, ugly, dense

The form of the words can be changed

  1. Once there was women, all naked, lying on the road, with ants wrapped all over her body. She was crying for help, but no one else did, except a lady, later came to known as mother Teresa. Which word will you use for Mother Teresa?
  2. Steve jobs is often regarded as the father of the digital revolution. He had a huge impact on youngsters and changed the way people chose their profession. What did he left behind?
  3. I am going to hide behind the wall, because no one can see me through it. From the given words which word can be used to describe the wall?
  4. When she won the Nobel Prize for peace, the entire newspapers were filled with information about her. Who she was, what she liked and how she became what she became. What did newspapers did?
  5. Alice loves science and particularly physics. She often says she wants to know everything about physics. What do you think Alice is most likely to become in future?
  6. Tanesha had many failures in his life. She got poor grades in the beginning and was even sexually exploited but falling in love changed her life forever. What did love meant to Tanesha?
  7. She never learns answers, all she does is understand the main concepts and expands them into full answers. What does she does?
  8. Alex was so sure that she will get 98% in boards that she went on to tell it confidently to others. What was Alex doing?
  9. I lose a lot of money because of my old car. The engine is so old that now it needs more petrol than others. What will you call my car?
  10. No matter what my name has ever been, people have mostly called me as either mad or mental or psycho. What are these different words people have called me by?
  11. That black and white dress irritates me because of its loud colour. So, how is the dress for me?
  12. She mostly speaks abusive language and it becomes quite irritating to be with her. What kind of a person is she?
  13. She cannot play archery as well, because of the fact that she looks in different direction. What problem is she facing?


  1. Greatest
  2. Mark
  3. Dense
  4. Hailed
  5. Physicists
  6. Milestone
  7. Enlarge
  8. Predicting
  9. Guzzler
  10. Misnomer
  11. Ugly
  12. Toad
  13. Squint


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