Talk about a tv series you remember

  • -what series is it
  • -who are the characters
  • -what do you like/dislike about it

Sample Answer

In this day and age, there are hundreds of TV channels broadcasting news, soap operas, reality shows, sports events etc. There is something for the people of varied interests and choices. Here I would like to talk about an American fantasy drama series called “game of thrones”. I began watching it few years back when one of our family friends recommended it to us. It’s an adaptation of A song of ice and fire, George R. R. Martin’s series of fantasy novels, the first of which is A game of thrones. It has an ensemble cast estimated to be the largest on television. The series premiered on HBO in 2011 and its seventh season ended in 2017. The concluding season 8 would be broadcasted next year. The story revolves around the iron throne of the seven kingdoms and follows a web of alliances and conflicts among the noble families fighting for the throne. Game of thrones has attracted record viewership including active broad international fan base.
The series is filmed in one the most magnificent and breathtakingly beautiful locations in the UK, Canada, Iceland, morocco, Spain and the US. The costumes and sets take the viewers back in time and captivate them throughout the serial. The series exhibit the most extraordinary cinematography skills, animation and graphics including the giants and dragons which seem absolutely real. Even a few video games have come up inspired by the game of thrones. The only thing which I dislike is excessive violence in some of the serials. (255 Words)

Q1. Do you think most people watch TV for education or for entertainment?
ANS. I personally feel that majority of viewers actually watch TV in their leisure time for entertaining themselves. Most of the channels on TV broadcast soaps, reality shows and sport events rather than education based shows. However, there are some channels exclusively telecasting lectures and tutorials which can be accessed by paying some extra subscription amount.

Q2. Should TV play a role in educating children? How?
ANS. Yes, TV can definitely be used as a medium to educate children. Mass media like television can have a profound impact on the young minds. If I talk about certain channels like Discovery science and National geographic, they have a whole range of knowledgeable shows not only for adults but for children also. When the young minds actually see what they have studied theoretically , they understand and remember the ideas in a much better way. Also, programmes on animals and environment make them sensitive about their conservation which is a must in today’s circumstances.

Q3. Do you think TV viewing habits change as people get older?
ANS. It’s undeniably true that as people age , their day to day routine and interests also change. The same is true as far as choice of contents of programmes and the time when they want to watch TV is concerned. While toddlers watch cartoons , teenagers have a keen interest in music and sports. Then, in adulthood, the focus is towards news and politics. Similarly, the elderlies like watching religion based channels.

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