The Best For You

We often limit our self. Sometimes we think that may be we are not good enough for this and then not good enough for that. In doing this, we actually insult ourselves and our capabilities. Remember, you deserve to be a success. Even if you are at present a failure, even if for the entire life you have failed, you deserve to succeed and no one can take that right of success from you.
Today, I am listing some of the best universities of the world. Some of the universities you deserve to study from. The order in which they appear has nothing to do with the ranking.

1.University of Cambridge
United Kingdom
Founder-: king Henry IV and Cambridge scholars
Established in 1209

2.Harvard University
United States
Founder: john Harvard
Established in 1636

3.University Of Oxford
United Kingdom
Founder-: king Henry II
Established in 1096

4.Massachusetts Institute of technology
United States
Founder: 19th century Cambridge industrial scholars
Established in 1861

5.Yale university
United States
Founder: 18th century Connecticut clergymen
Established in 1701

6.Imperial college of science, technology and medicine
United Kingdom
Founder: Kensington and Chelsea scholars
Established in 1907

7.University college London
United Kingdom
Founder: 19th century London scholars
Established in 1826

8.University of Chicago
United States
Founder: American Baptist education society
Established in 1890

9.Stanford University
United States
Founder: Leland Stanford
Established in 1891

10.Princeton university
United States
Founder: New light Presbyterians
Established in 1746

So, go on. Figure out more about these universities. Remember you are the best and you do deserve the best.

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