Essay # Employers should give longer holidays to employees in order to encourage them to do their job well.


Employers should give longer holidays to employees in order to encourage them to do their job well. Do you agree or disagree?  


The productivity of the employees is essential for the growth of a business or company. In today’s corporate life, there is a lot of workload that employees undergo due to they seldom get time for longer holidays. Providing longer vacations to professional workers would increase their productivity.  I agree with the given statement as it helps workers be more refreshed and inspired to work.

Numerous studies have shown that job stress has detrimental effects on workers’ health and well-being. These days, due to excessive work pressure many employees compromise their holidays in order to perform certain tasks. It not only has a negative impact on their personal lifestyle, but they also their social life. A longer break will help people to get rid of their dullness and return to work fresher and more energetic. In fact, European countries like Norway has high happiness rating because they follow this practice in which they provide employees with two to three weeks vacations called ‘fellesferie’ leaving businesses closed for that time period. 

However, every coin has two sides and keeping aside all the advantages, giving longer holidays to the employees may adversely affect their work schedule. Taking long vacations includes cutting off from work completely. It will interrupt the smooth functioning of the business thereby disturbing the economy of that nation as well.  Many companies face economic crisis during long festive or summer breaks.

Coming to an outcome, I can say that though longer holidays for workers can help motivate them and improve their efficiency, giving frequent holidays might result in their lack of interest in their job therefore, a balanced need to be maintained.

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