National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan

doctoral studies and doctoral exams cancelled

Language exams for admission to doctoral studies and doctoral exams cancelled

Baku, Fineko/ The Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan (AMEA) cancelled yesterday a language test for admission to doctoral studies and doctoral exams. According to the Academy, the Presidium adopted the new rules for assessing the level of knowledge of a foreign language for admission to doctoral studies and doctoral exams. “Under the new rules determining the English language level, the candidate for admission to a doctoral program must submit a certificate that he scored at least 80 points on the TOEFL or a minimum score of 6.5 on the IELTS. During a doctoral exam the certificate is presented that the applicant scored at least 100 points on the TOEFL or a minimum score of 7 on the IELTS,” the Academy said in the statement. The new rules are motivated by aspiration to improve the quality of knowledge of a foreign language.


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MBA Universities In Singapore

For a student interested in studying abroad, the most important factor while deciding on the country is the university. Other factors do play a role, but they are often secondary. So, if you are a MBA aspirant, trying to figure out the perfect country for your course, have a look at some of the highly ranked MBA Universities In Singapore:

National University of Singapore
The university is globally ranked 31 and offers the best global knowledge with Asian insights. The focus is put on bringing Asian business to the forefront of the world economy and prepares students for it. The university boasts of a highly diverse student body of over 37,000 students from across the world, making your abroad study more exciting.
Nanyang Technological University-Nanyang Business School (NTU-NBS)
The university is ranked 40 globally and is placed 1st among the world’s best young universities. It is the fastest rising university in the world to the top 50 list.
Singapore Management University (SMU)-Lee Kong Chian School of Business
The school of business is a dynamic Asian business school with over hundred full time faculties. With more than 2500 students from across the world, it is ranked amongst the top schools for its finance and accounting programs.
INSEAD is the world’s leading business school and opened its Asia campus in Singapore in 2005. The school is renowned for its diverse classes, which help the students to work in diverse environment.

Remember, you learn a great deal from the books, but you learn the best by experiences.


Study Economics In Britain

Is economics something that sends chills down your spine? Does it really bothers you? Are you interested in studying economics, knowing how things work, may be make a change? Are you interested in studying abroad? Study Economics in Britain?Do you want to have an advantage over others in the knowledge of economics?
Well if you are one of them, if you are passionate about following your heart, fulfilling your dreams, have a quick look at the best British universities to study economics:

  1. Oxford University-: The economics department of Oxford University has some of the most distinguished economist and is the leading economics institute in the world.
  2. Warwick University-: The economics department of this university has been regarded as one of the best in UK and Europe. It has about 1200 undergraduate students while 330 post graduate students amongst which 50% are from UK and 50% are international students.
  3. Cambridge University-: The economics course in Cambridge University provides a in-depth knowledge of the core economics. The best part is that after studying two years of economics you can even try out with a new course and do it in addition.
  4. Surrey University-: This university enjoys an international reputation with its economics course being ranked fourth in the UK. The teaching is such that you are supposed to give your own ideas and talk it out making study very exciting.
  5. Herriot-Watt University-: The economics pro gramme of this university is highly rated in league tables and student satisfaction making it a really joyful university to study in.
  6. Leeds University-: It is one of the highest and the biggest university in UK with offices in South Asia to provide you the information about the University.
  7. Coventry University
  8. University College London(UCL)
  9. Kent University
  10. Durham University
  11. Portsmouth University
  12. UEA
  13. London School Of Economics
  14. Bristol University
  15. Aston University
  16. Strathclyde University
  17. Oxford Brookes
  18. Nottingham
  19. Lancaster

  20. Queen Mary

Life is like a restaurant, you will get what you deserve. The more the money (knowledge) the better the facilities( options).


Finding Accommodation Abroad

One major question that comes to mind after finding a university abroad is accommodation. Although there are some universities that provide accommodation, there are even some who don’t. This makes finding accommodation abroad lot more more tougher. The three things you need to keep in mind before deciding on an accommodation are-:

  • Distance between the accommodation and the university
  • What is the type of accommodation?
  • rent

Also remember, that while making arrangements for accommodation, make them for the short period of time. Once you start living in a place, you may well yourself find a better accommodation.
What are the kinds of the accommodation?

Apart from the one the college provides, home rent is a kind of accommodation quite prevalent these days. In this kind, you live with a family of that country in their house. You are also offered food in home rent. Even more, you will rarely feel homesickness, because after all you are living in a home away from home. The other kind of accommodation is taking a rented apartment. It is usually preferred if you are a group of people. Taking such an accommodation if you are alone, may often cause you to feel more alone than you really are. You need to pay for the food separately in this kind.

Choose wisely. Remember, you are living in a different country with new people and new environment. There is no need to be skeptical but being too easy going, could lead you to trouble.

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