Live Your Dream #Scholarships

Money cannot buy dreams. There are so many of you talented enough to change the world, but stop themselves thinking maybe you cannot. Some of you having confidence but fear the fact that you are poor and getting into the right universities may be costly and beyond your scope. Before you make any life changing decisions remember, universities are not hungry of money. They want talented students. And if you have the talent, they provide you with the scholarships.

There are many scholarships that are provided by the universities. A university never wants someone who is just good in studies. They want people from different backgrounds, people with different stories, people who are ready to leave their comfort zone and become something better. To make sure it happens, following are some of the scholarships universities provide-:
Academic scholarships
Athletic scholarships
Scholarships for minorities
Scholarships for women
Creative scholarships
Unusual scholarships
Community service scholarships

You need not to be the best student or best athlete but the best of you to get a scholarship. So, what are you waiting for? Find out what makes you unique? What is that one thing that is the best about you? And if you are yet not the best version of yourself, become one. Remember, you can never be the best copy cat but you can always be the best version of you. BE THE BEST, YOU CAN BE and LIVE YOUR DREAM.


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How To Choose A University In Abroad ?

With UNESCO listing 16000 universities abroad, it could be quite a heck to decide the university you want to study in. More importantly, there are about dozens of courses, if not hundred in these universities. Hence deciding what to study could be even more of a trouble. But here I bring to you the questions whose answers would help you decide the best for you.

You may have heard that quote, “listen to your heart, but take your head alongwith”. This is exactly what you need to do when choosing a university for you and more importantly the course for you. It might be possible that they both take you in different directions, but then the fact is that they both have valid points to be made. Start with something you are really passionate about and then take your head along it.

Honesty is the best policy. Although we rarely follow it, but this is the one thing that can actually help you. Studying a particular degree requires a lot of commitment and then studying abroad requires more of it. So, when choosing a course go for the one you want to do, and not the one you think you have to do.

Studying abroad is not just like any other degree you take and then regret later. It is more than that. Living in a land that is alien to you. You invest a lot of money. So, regretting all of it can be a heck of an issue for you. So, research well. Find out all about the course and the university. Make sure you really want to do it. Don’t doubt yourself, but then don’t be over confident either.

Figure out what is essential for you. May be you want to do your degree in Spanish. Or may be in a particular language. So just figure out what is the thing that matters to you.

When choosing universities, we usually go online or may be brochures of those universities. But there is a more effective way of doing things.

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