Numbers Don’t Define Destiny

While preparing for study abroad, it sometimes so happens that we start thinking that scores of IELTS or TOEFL and GRE or GMAT or any other exam are sufficient to get admission into a college. The truth is they are not. Getting a good score obviously increases your chances of getting admission. But then getting a low score does not mean you have no chance of getting into the college.

There are other things that have a role to play. You statement of purpose, a letter of recommendation, the cir-cum vitae, your essay sample. This does not mean that you should stop preparing for these exams. The point is you really need to get good marks in them but even if you don’t and you have a very strong hold on the other things, you may get admission. remember, you need to have a good strong over the other things, if you don’t get good marks. In the end, you as a whole matter.

So, anyone out there, who thinks that may be I will not get admission, because I am poor in English, remember they accept people who are talented. English proficiency is required so that you could communicate well. so, if you think that you have the x-factor, that you have it in you, don’t shy away, thinking you may not get good marks in these exams. They are just part of the application proses, not the entire application process. Work hard and remember, If there is a will, there is a way.


Live Your Dream #Scholarships

Money cannot buy dreams. There are so many of you talented enough to change the world, but stop themselves thinking maybe you cannot. Some of you having confidence but fear the fact that you are poor and getting into the right universities may be costly and beyond your scope. Before you make any life changing decisions remember, universities are not hungry of money. They want talented students. And if you have the talent, they provide you with the scholarships.

There are many scholarships that are provided by the universities. A university never wants someone who is just good in studies. They want people from different backgrounds, people with different stories, people who are ready to leave their comfort zone and become something better. To make sure it happens, following are some of the scholarships universities provide-:
Academic scholarships
Athletic scholarships
Scholarships for minorities
Scholarships for women
Creative scholarships
Unusual scholarships
Community service scholarships

You need not to be the best student or best athlete but the best of you to get a scholarship. So, what are you waiting for? Find out what makes you unique? What is that one thing that is the best about you? And if you are yet not the best version of yourself, become one. Remember, you can never be the best copy cat but you can always be the best version of you. BE THE BEST, YOU CAN BE and LIVE YOUR DREAM.


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