Don’t Be A Waste Of Space # Idioms For IELTS

If you have got the life, try hard to not be a waste of space. Go on, read more and learn some of the most interesting idioms.

SENTENCE-: sometimes the people we consider waste of space are the ones who are the most talented.
MEANING-: someone perceived as useless or incompetent.
SENTENCE-: watch the time while playing, you surely don’t want to be late, right?
MEANING-: ensure that you are aware of the time
SENTENCE-: stop watching the world go by and start doing something for yourself.
MEANING-: spend time observing other people going about their business
SENTENCE-: Watch your back, you are now the candidate of A party.
MEANING-: protect yourself against danger, usually from someone unexpected off.
SENTENCE-: The watches of night have become quite disastrous for me these days, because of the murder I saw that day.
MEANING-: the time of the night when you cannot sleep.
SENTENCE-: Indian people spend money in marriages like water.
MEANING-: in great quantities
SENTENCE-: Milkha Singh is of the first water.
MEANING-: extreme or unsurpassed kind
SENTENCE-: Stop focusing on the water under the bridge, there are other matters that need your attention.
MEANING-: used to refer to situations or events that happened in past and are no longer of any importance.
SENTENCE-: Narendra Modi has surely made waves in the past one year.
MEANING-: create a significant impression
SENTENCE-: The economic condition of our country has undergone many wax and wanes before settling to something this constant.
MEANING-: undergo alternate ups and downs

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Interrogative Sentence

Interrogative sentences are the ones which ask a question. These are sentences that often are used while making conversation. Although it seems that they merely ask a question, an interrogative sentence is of four types-:

These are the questions that can be answered with either a yes or a no.
For example-:
Have you done your homework?
Are you ready?
These are the questions that provide you with two alternative answers.
For example-:
Should I call you or email you?
Do you want tea or coffee?
These are the questions that begin with a “wh” word. Answers to these questions cannot be given with a yes or a no. Neither can you give an alternative answer. The answer may be either a simple sentence or a complex explanation.
For Example-:
Where do you live?
What are your hobbies?
Tag questions are the ones that change a declarative sentence to an interrogative. They are called tag sentences because they are tagged at the end. For Example-:
You like basketball, don’t you?
You are coming to the party, aren’t you?
    1. Often it so happens that a question mark is put at the end of declarative sentence. This actually makes the sentence an interrogative sentence. For example-:
      India won the world cup?
      It’s raining?
      In such cases the last word of the sentence is said with a rising intonation.
    2. Often finding the subject of interrogative sentences is quite difficult. The best way to do it is write the answer of the question and you will find out its subject?
      For example-:
      Where is he going?
      He is going to the market.
      The answer talks about him (he) and hence he is the subject.


Private Institutions Should Be Banned # Essay

Do you think that private institutions should be banned ? Discuss your opinions in 250 words.

A country runs on education. The better education it provides to the younger generation, the higher economic success it will gain in later years. Keeping this in mind, a country usually has both private as well as government institutions. When establishing the institutions it is hoped that they would stand by their words, and will provide excellent education. Although with time, it has been observed that government run institutions lose their focus and indulge in activities that have no concern with education. I, although, still believe that private institutions should be banned.

Banning private institutions will surely come with great advantages. Firstly, the quality of education in government schools and colleges will find hope of improvement. It has been observed that until and unless people have no other choice they don’t raise their voice for reform. Secondly, the rise of private institutions has led to a satisfaction with mediocrity. In no ways, it means that private institutions instigate mediocrity, the point to be noted is that with the rise of private institutions people have become more of “show off”. For example-: Since the past decade the number of students doing Bachelors In Technology has increased many folds. The reason being the course is easily available in private institutions. As a result, people don’t introspect themselves more often and live a life under the pressure of society.

On the other hand, absence of private institutions might be a reason of upsurge amongst middle and high income people as the ban may be misunderstood as a loss in their freedom of choice. Even more children with special abilities are often cared more in private institutions and banning them would be a major setback to them.

In nutshell, I would like to assert the importance of improving the quality of government institutions. Private institutions do cater to every individual’s demands, but they often lead to either mediocrity or high level of competition. So, according to me, private institutions should be banned.


The Outlaw Ocean # Vocabulary

There are seventeen words that have been highlighted in the passage; meanings of which are given in the end. Mark yourself off 17 and find out how good you are in vocabulary.


CHIOS, Greece — The rickety raft made of empty oil drums and a wooden tabletop rolled and pitched with the waves while tied to the side of the Dona Liberta, a 370-foot cargo ship anchored far from land in the Atlantic Ocean off West Africa.
“Go down!” yelled a knife-wielding crew member, forcing two Tanzanian stowaways overboard and onto the raft. As angry clouds gathered on the horizon, he cut the line.
Gambling on a better life, the stowaways had run out of luck. They had already spent nine days at sea, most of the time hiding in the Dona Liberta’s engine room, crouched deep in oily water. But as they climbed down onto the slick raft, the men, neither of whom knew how to swim, nearly slid into the ocean before lashing themselves together to the raft with a rope.
As the Dona Liberta slowly disappeared, David George Mndolwa, one of the abandoned pair, recalled thinking: “This is the end.”
Few places on the planet are as lawless as the high seas, where egregious crimes are routinely committed with impunity. Though the global economy is ever more dependent on a fleet of more than four million fishing and small cargo vessels and 100,000 large merchant ships that haul about 90 percent of the world’s goods, today’s maritime laws have hardly more teeth than they did centuries ago when history’s great empires first explored the oceans’ farthest reaches.
Murders regularly occur offshore — thousands of seafarers, fishermen or sea migrants die under suspicious circumstances annually, maritime officials say — but culprits are rarely held accountable. No one is required to report violent crimes committed in international waters.
the passage has been taken from “The New York Times”.

Vocabulary Used

Vocabulary Used


Rickety means not strong or well made and is likely to break. “the rickety raft made of oil drum” means that the raft is not very strong and is made of oil drums.
Raft, here, refers to a flat structure made of woods tied together and used as a boat or a floating platform.(definition by Oxford).
pitched has many meaning to it, but here it means , the movement of ship up and down in the water. “wooden top pitched with the waves” means the wooden top is moving up and down as along with waves.
Anchored means to let an anchor down from a boat or a ship in order to prevent it from moving.” , a 370-foot cargo ship anchored far from land in the Atlantic Ocean off West Africa.” Here it means that the ship is tied with chains in Atlantic ocean preventing its movement.
Stowaway is a person who hides in a ship or a plane before it leaves so as to travel without paying money. ” forcing two Tanzanian stowaways overboard” means the Tanzanians who were travelling without paying were pushed overboard.
Overboard means over the side of the boat or a ship onto the water. “ forcing two Tanzanian stowaways overboard into the raft” means that the Tanzanians were thrown from the side of the boat and they fell off on the raft.
Gambling is an activity of playing a game of chances for either money or any other object. “Gambling on a better life” means they were taking chances so as to improve their lives.
Crouched means to put your body close to the ground by bending your legs. “Crouched deep in oily water” means that the Tanzanians were hiding in the oily water.
Slick refers to something smooth or difficult to hold on i.e. slipper. “Climbed down onto the slick raft” means that the raft is slippery.
Slid means to pass or fall gradually into a specified state, character, practice, etc. “nearly slid into the ocean” means they were very close to falling into the sea.
Lashing has many meanings; the one used here means, a rope used to fasten something tightly to something else. “into the ocean before lashing themselves together to the raft” means they tied them to the raft with the rope.
Egregious means extremely bad. So, “egregious crimes” mean extremely bad crimes.
If a person does something bad with impunity, they do not get punished for what they have done.” Crime are committed with impunity” means that the people who commit the crime are not penalized for it.
Haul, here, means to cart or to carry. “100,000 large merchant ships that haul about 90 percent of the world’s goods” means that they carry about 90% of the world’s good.
Maritime means related to sea. So , maritime laws means laws related to sea.
Seafarer means a traveler or sailor of the sea.
Suspicious is a feeling that someone has done something wrong or illegal. “they die under suspicious circumstances” means that the way they die you feel as if something is wrong.
A culprit is a person who has done something wrong or against the law.


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