IELTS Speaking Sample Questions # Friends

Friends are people who make your life more beautiful than it is. They are the ones that you make memories with, the ones who cry with you, the ones who make you happy and the ones with whom you make memories with. This time we are looking at some of the questions related to friends that can be asked in the IELTS speaking part I.

How often do you like to hang out with your friends?

I love enjoying with my friends but because of the tight schedule that we all have, it has become quite tough these days to hang out on regular basis. But, we make sure that during weekends we do spend sometime together. So, we play badminton together and then during evenings we either eat at each other place or go out for walks and eat at road side.

Who do you usually like to spend time with?

I have two really nice friends in the current city that I am living. Although, there are many other friends that I have made but it is usually them that I love spending time with. We three like spending time together, not only because we know each other well but it is amazing to tease each other. The best part of our friendship is that we can have the silliest of the conversation and then a serious conversation together.

Do you like to hang out with a big group of friends or just a few friends?

I think it all depends on the place we are going to hang out. So, if it is just the long walks and some sort of fast food eating, I usually prefer my two close friends. But, for places like museums or for that matter water parks it is always fun to go out with a big group of friends. There are so much more memories that one makes with a huge group of friends.

What kind of person is more likely to be a friend of you?

There are no certain qualities with which I decide whether the next person is my friend or not. But, yes the one thing that surely decides if the person will become my friend or not, is his or her attitude. For me, a person who is very judgemental is less likely to be my friend. I like people who love the other person in spite of the flaws of the other individual.

Have you ever had a friend who is no longer your friend?

Well, there have been many friends that I have made in this journey of life, and there have been many I am not in touch with. But, I do remember a friend of mine, I made in my graduation days. Something just went wrong between us. We stopped talking with each other, I think the main reason was the fact that we never told each other things we didn’t like about the other person. Accumulation of all these things just ended our friendship long before we could become really nice friends.

How important are friends for you?

Friends play a very important role in my life. For some reasons, I have learnt more from people around me than from things or those motivational videos. Friends that I have made have shaped the individual that I have become. For example, a friend taught me the importance of love in our lives and then there was another who taught me how to give yourself the time it needs. Friends are the people I have had memories and I wonder what I would have been were there no friends of mine.

Do you believe that some friendships can be more harmful than good?

Friendship is a relation and I think just like any other relation, it surely can be harmful. But, that happens only when the other person starts giving more importance to someone else. Kinship just like any other relation can turn out to be problematic only when a person allows the other person to take decisions for you.

Is there a friend you wish to remove from your life?

Certainly not, at present moment, there is no person I would like to remove from my life. However, there have been times when I have removed friends from my life but that has happened only when I have realised that the bond that we share is fake and we simply try to push a relationship that does not serves it purpose any more.




Related To Friends # Speaking Section

Friends, undoubtedly play a very important role in an individuals life. Most of the times, a person is known by the company that he/she keeps. Keeping this in mind, IELTS speaking part I often consists of questions related to friends or friendship. Now, it is very rare that a person has no friends. However, it sometimes so happens that one does not thinks a lot about friendship in question/answer form.

To make you think that way and answer questions properly in IELTS Speaking section, here are some of the questions that can be asked in Part I.

  1. How do you mostly connect with your friends?

Friends surely play a very important role  in my life. Because of the double jobs that I have, I get less time for my friends, however, I make sure that whenever I have time  I do meet them. I usually don’t like connecting on phones or internet, I prefer meeting in personal. So, whenever we have to meet, we usually go out travelling or to our favorite spots. There are few friends who are far away, so we stay connected through digital medium.

2. Are friends as important for you as family?

Friends do play a important role in my life. I,however, don’t compare the two relationships. They are both equally important for me.

3. Do you think friendship changes with time?

I think certain changes do take place in friendships with time, and I think that happens with every relationship. But, in the end it all depends on us. I do have some friends from the time I was a kid and there are some who are no more my friends whom I just met a year ago. So, for me I guess it all depends on the bond we share. Other things can always be taken care of.


What Women Find Offensive-2

I hope you have understood some of the things to avoid when talking to women. Below are some more things to avoid, when talking to women, especially in abroad.

4.Sweetheart/ honey etc-: These are some of the words we say to women we really like. They could be your daughter or your wife. Avoid saying these words in a workplace. Lot of professional women doesn’t like them. Use, if you really know them very well. Else, avoid using such words.

5.Sexual comments/ body language-: This is something serious. Making comments on how a women look could actually lead you to some trouble. For example, hey sexy or anything that sounds intimidating. She could complain against you in terms of sexual harassment. Also, make sure your body language is positive. Don’t look at her body while talking to her. It could make her uncomfortable.

6.“You do that well for a girl”-: You could put anything for “that”. May be, you drive well for a girl. Why is it an issue? Because it reinforces stereotypes. What it means is, you drive well even after being girl. Lot of women may find this offensive. Avoid it.

7.Age-: it is a good idea not to ask a woman about her age. Although some women may not be bothered about it, but a lot of women find it offensive. Especially if the woman is an older woman.

8.Bitch/cunt/ slut/whore-: These are the words that are very offensive to women. Never use these words. You may hear these words in songs but still do not use them. It can lead you to a lot of trouble.

Avoid this and bring back with you beautiful friendships and memories.


Saying No To Friends

You cannot always say a yes to your friend or your family members. There are times when you need to turn down there offer. What happens when you do this? Are you effective doing this? Many of us are faced with the dilemma of saying no to friends. This is also because often people think that if you say a no to them, it means that you dislike them. This is not exactly what you feel or what you want to portray. So, you end up saying yes.

The other problem with saying a no is that it is quite a negative word. It could be possible that you end up losing the relationship if you say a lot of no. what to do then? Say a yes with a no. what do I mean? Let us understand this by an example.

Your friend asks you to come to the dinner party on 1st January. You don’t want to go there. perhaps because you have your own plans. How to say a no? you can say.
I am really thankful, it was so thoughtful of you. but I have got some other plans.
The benefit of saying this way is you actually accept there gratitude. So, it would be rare that they feel offensive about it. Also, it is important that you give the true reason. Honesty matters a lot.

So, be truthful, show some gratitude, say a no, and still be friends.