Essay # Employers should give longer holidays to employees in order to encourage them to do their job well.


Employers should give longer holidays to employees in order to encourage them to do their job well. Do you agree or disagree?  


The productivity of the employees is essential for the growth of a business or company. In today’s corporate life, there is a lot of workload that employees undergo due to they seldom get time for longer holidays. Providing longer vacations to professional workers would increase their productivity.  I agree with the given statement as it helps workers be more refreshed and inspired to work.

Numerous studies have shown that job stress has detrimental effects on workers’ health and well-being. These days, due to excessive work pressure many employees compromise their holidays in order to perform certain tasks. It not only has a negative impact on their personal lifestyle, but they also their social life. A longer break will help people to get rid of their dullness and return to work fresher and more energetic. In fact, European countries like Norway has high happiness rating because they follow this practice in which they provide employees with two to three weeks vacations called ‘fellesferie’ leaving businesses closed for that time period. 

However, every coin has two sides and keeping aside all the advantages, giving longer holidays to the employees may adversely affect their work schedule. Taking long vacations includes cutting off from work completely. It will interrupt the smooth functioning of the business thereby disturbing the economy of that nation as well.  Many companies face economic crisis during long festive or summer breaks.

Coming to an outcome, I can say that though longer holidays for workers can help motivate them and improve their efficiency, giving frequent holidays might result in their lack of interest in their job therefore, a balanced need to be maintained.

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Socialization @ USA

The world is on Internet and so is USA. Once you start indulging in the college life, you will understand that practically everyone is on Internet, emails are the most common and cheap way of communicating, and mostly people prefer using it. Internet is something that will be made available to you, once you enter the college.
Now here is the trick. Although you need to be present on Internet, it does not mean you need to be present only there. you have gone to USA to study and to socialize, to know there culture. Meet new people, understand how things happen around.

Socialization is the most important thing about study abroad. You meet new people, some of them, don’t turn out to be your type, with other you feel as if in home, but then you understand the difference between acquaintances and friends. You learn how to live with different personalities. Schools and colleges at America focus a lot on socialization. They want people to interact with each other, share ideas, create things and enjoy. Most importantly they make sure you develop the “people skills”.

So, yes, there are lot many things to do in USA, you could interact with people using Internet as well. but then remember, this is something you can even do while studying in your home town. Internet is omnipresent these days. When you really are present there, make sure to make real life conversations more, and yet don’t get out of Internet completely. Balance is the key.


Be Special

Be Special

Do you think every college in abroad gives you the same career as you wish for yourself? Well, if yes, then it is not like that! You may always be general and go to the best college or you can be special and join a college specific to you. “The one” that fits you the best and takes you to the zenith of success.
HOW DO YOU GET IT? Well do the following and figure it out-:
1. Make A Detailed Study-: Your career depends on the choice of college. So, just don’t join a college because your friends/ family says it is good. Do your own research. Visit the college website and check out the various courses they are offering. Now make a detailed study of the program you are opting for.
2. Value Matters-: Once you have decided on the course figure out the value of its certificate. It might be possible that the course done from one college is more prestigious than the same course done from the other college.
Once you have done this, visit the website again and I shall tell you what next to do.