IELTS Cue Card 2021 Questions # Favourite Book

Books are the gifts that help change individuals, they are ones that demand the least and give the most.  Everyone has their own favourite genre. Some people love autobiographies, others fiction, some like non-fiction and so on. This time we are looking at a cue card that asks questions about your favourite book.

Describe a book which you read and would like to read again:

  • how did you hear about it?
  • when did you read it?
  • what was it about?
  • why do you want to read it again?

and explain, would you recommend this book to others?

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I am a bibliophile and love reading all genre of books. Today I am going to talk about a book that I loved reading. Although there are many I would like to read again, but I think Mahatma Gandhi’s autobiography, ‘My Experiments with the Truth’ has by far been the most impressive book that I have read. I remember I went to get a novel to read and randomly picked this one because I wanted to read Gandhi’s opinion on the entire freedom struggle. It was back in 2014, during my last year of college when I read this book.

The book is Gandhi’s autobiography, it includes special highlights on events that had a major impact on Gandhi’s life story. The book gives an inside view on how Gandhi shaped himself, what sacrifices he made and how he stood by truth even in the darkest of times.

One such event includes the day Gandhi fell ill, the doctors advised him to take some tea as it would help him in recovering faster. It was almost essential for him in his medical condition. But earlier he had pledged that he would not consume meats, spices, eggs or tea, as at the time some research suggested it to be harmful to the body. No matter what the doctors had to say, Gandhi did not consume his tea. I was fascinated by the strong determination the man had.

The story revolves around his life and gives an inner view on the reasons behind the actions taken by him as a leader. I loved the book because it taught me the most important lesson of my life: one should always speak the truth and be ready to die for it.

Mahatma Gandhi was surely a man of strong and true character and in my viewpoint, anyone who reads this novel surely brings home the idea of being a better person.

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IELTS Speaking Part I Questions # Robots

We are in living in times when technology has advanced to an extent where machines are now able to do almost everything. The human effort has reduced and people predict automation taking away a lot of jobs. This time we are looking at some questions asked in a recent IELTS speaking exam in Part I related to robots and relationships.

Do you think robots are becoming more common in society nowadays?

We are surely moving towards a society that will be entirely dependent on robots. In present times, however, I think yes robots are becoming common but still, the society in large is still not very comfortable using robots as human robots. For instance, we do have driverless cars but the trust on them is yet to be built. There are people trying but it will take some time before robots become part of our lives.

What do you think about cars driven by robots?

Driverless cars are becoming the talk of the town for sure and in my belief, they surely are the future of our society. In terms of its limitations, I think with them, the man might surely become lazier. However, on its positives, people with special gifts could be able to drive a car and go to places. Even more, it will become easier for the old people to commute. But, it will take some time for these cars to mature to avoid accidents and build their trust.

Do you enjoy going out with your friends?

Surely I do. I love going out with my friends to unknown places and spending time with them, figuring out how things are. It is always amazing to have road trips with them and then pull each other’s legs!!

What kind of things do you usually do when you go out with your friends?

Most of the times we all go out for a movie or to a location we have never been. We sometimes even have dinner but I think the best times that we have together is on each other’s house. We are usually laughing off at our problems and then disussing the serious things in our life in a joking way.

How important is to have good friends? Why?

I believe it is very important to have good friends in our life. There are very few people who can become our best friends or soul mates, but it is important to have certain good friends. I think life becomes much more beautiful when you have good friends to share your moments with. The moments could be of joy or sorrow. Living life as an individual is good but when you have people to share it with, it becomes better.


IELTS Speaking 2017 Questions # Books

Last time we looked at a cue card that talked about a book that inspired you. The book that you would like to read again. Click on the link below for the cue card question:

Favourite Book Cue Card

This time we are looking at the part III questions related to the cue card.

What can we learn from the literature: especially classics?

Books always have so much to offer to its readers that it truly becomes a part of our lives. It could be fiction, non-fiction or autobiographies. But, literature is the one part of reading that surely takes readers to a new level of understanding and shows dimensions like never before. Classics in many ways showcase the happenings of the time when they were written. People who do read classics are able to understand better the problems of people in past and make so much more sense in the present. I remember reading Godan by Premchand. The classic is about the people living in the village during the post-independence era and showcases the emotional and financial issues faced by the common people. It made me understand the difficulties the villagers in my country do face.

What has changed in terms of reading over the past few decades?

Reading has always been an integral part of our lives since ages. There have been struggles by women to read and write but I believe things have changed when compared with the past. Reading has now become the mainstream hobby that people do propaganda about.  People did read books and newspaper earlier as well, but in today’s time, they have gained importance like never before. Someone who reads novels is given importance and respect and is treated more of intellectual.

Do you think people read less or more nowadays?
People have surely become more inclined towards reading in present times when compared with the past. With the importance of reading being highlighted in recent times, many youngsters have started reading novels and newspaper. Even more, with the high pace with which digitalisation is happening, one need not to always read books to gain knowledge. With google and facebook, most people read news and articles online. There are ebooks available and with competition increasing, surely things have changed.
What do you think is the difference between reading novels and watching movies?
Novels and movies are two different ways of depicting the same facts, in my opinion. There are some people who have a major impact when they read something, while for others to grasp a concept it is important to visualise it. Novels are more of the detailed version of everything, one has to read it to understand it. With movies, the lot of things can happen in the background. For example, in movies, you need not say that the person is sad, a background music and tears can help. With novels, it’s all about words and the writes them off!


IELTS Speaking 2017 Questions # Media and News

Times have changed and well they have changed dramatically! We are in an era where the world is always aware of everything around. The media has become stronger than ever and news is everyone’s favourite. Because, gone are the days when only the World War made news, in present times, even the birth of a celebrity’s child is considered a big news. We are now looking at the recent questions asked in the IELTS speaking section related to media and news.

Why do you think people often do not share a good news with other people?

I believe the world has changed faster in the few past decades than it has ever in centuries. The world has become competitive to an edge where everyone is bothered about being the best. In this world of the rat race, people have started taking each other as mere competitors. In my opinion, it could be one of the reasons people do not share the good news. Other than this, everyone has become quite isolated and has lost the quality of satisfaction. Getting one thing always opens up doors for something leaving no time to share it with others.

How has the social media changed the way we share the news with other people?

Social media has had a huge impact on the way the world functions. We have surely moved from days when people shared news through regions and then letters. We have even grown apart from calling each other. It is all about now, sharing news on WhatsApp or Facebook. The twitteratis tweet about it and some others share videos online! From having intimate conversations, we now prefer sharing things to a group of people. Apart from the personal news, even the world or international news, people often read about them in their social media news feeds.

Is there any recent international news you felt was indeed good to hear?

Recently, I was surfing the internet and was really worried because I could not find any good news. I wanted to hear something really good. In the middle of searching, I came across a news where the ISIS had brutally destroyed a church in Iraq while ruling there. When the Muslims of this state came to know about it all the able-bodied men and women came together to build the church. The reason I really liked it is because it proves that no matter how many times we are told the differences of the religions, in the heart of the common man, we all are one.

How important is it to know the world news?

I believe it is crucial to know both the world and national news. Knowing news gives you the ability to question actions and things happening. A person might not be able to relate to the decision taken by his or her country without the awareness of the international ongoings. Not only this, a person who reads news also develops the ability to hold a conversation.

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