IELTS Cue Card Sample Questions # Marriage

Marriage is a relationship that is made in heaven, the kind where two souls meet to have a beautiful life. However, in today’s time, people often get into relationships quicker than most people change their clothes. Sometimes, therefore these relationships do not work out. People then believe that there is a fault in marriage as an institution. Everyone can have their own opinion about things, but this time we are looking at a cue card on marriage.

Describe a happily married couple. You should say:

  • how do you know them?
  • how long is their marriage?
  • what do you like about their marriage?

Also, explain, why do you think they are happily married?

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I have been quite sceptical about marriages for a long period of time until a very close friend of mine got married. Today I am going to talk about her marriage. There are very few close comrades that I have but out of them, a special friend of mine got married last year. It was an arranged marriage and to me it felt like the biggest mistake she has done! Her husband is a techie and she is a travel blogger. I felt she will have to compromise on her career to ensure her relationship works fine.

I met here a few months back, to know that her husband is completely supportive of her career and respects her choices. She told me about an incident where she had got a big assignment and it collided with the marriage of an important person in their family. Her husband, without informing her, told everyone in the family that they would not be able to make it because of his work priorities. For me it was a beautiful gesture.

It has only been a year and I have met the guy just a few times but we have become really good friends in the short course of time. It feels more like a family and I really love them as a couple. The one thing that I believe makes their marriage work, is irrespective of the differences they have, they respect each other and their choices. The fact that no one is forcing oneself on others, I believe makes them the best couple I have ever met.

sceptical doubting that something is true or useful
arranged marriage a marriage planned and agreed by the families or guardians of the couple concerned.
techie a person who is expert in or enthusiastic about technology, especially computing
compromise  an agreement or settlement of a dispute that is reached by each side making concessions
supportive  providing encouragement or emotional help
collided  come into conflict or opposition
gesture   a movement of part of the body, especially a hand or the head, to express an idea or meaning

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IELTS Speaking Part I Questions # Robots

We are in living in times when technology has advanced to an extent where machines are now able to do almost everything. The human effort has reduced and people predict automation taking away a lot of jobs. This time we are looking at some questions asked in a recent IELTS speaking exam in Part I related to robots and relationships.

Do you think robots are becoming more common in society nowadays?

We are surely moving towards a society that will be entirely dependent on robots. In present times, however, I think yes robots are becoming common but still, the society in large is still not very comfortable using robots as human robots. For instance, we do have driverless cars but the trust on them is yet to be built. There are people trying but it will take some time before robots become part of our lives.

What do you think about cars driven by robots?

Driverless cars are becoming the talk of the town for sure and in my belief, they surely are the future of our society. In terms of its limitations, I think with them, the man might surely become lazier. However, on its positives, people with special gifts could be able to drive a car and go to places. Even more, it will become easier for the old people to commute. But, it will take some time for these cars to mature to avoid accidents and build their trust.

Do you enjoy going out with your friends?

Surely I do. I love going out with my friends to unknown places and spending time with them, figuring out how things are. It is always amazing to have road trips with them and then pull each other’s legs!!

What kind of things do you usually do when you go out with your friends?

Most of the times we all go out for a movie or to a location we have never been. We sometimes even have dinner but I think the best times that we have together is on each other’s house. We are usually laughing off at our problems and then disussing the serious things in our life in a joking way.

How important is to have good friends? Why?

I believe it is very important to have good friends in our life. There are very few people who can become our best friends or soul mates, but it is important to have certain good friends. I think life becomes much more beautiful when you have good friends to share your moments with. The moments could be of joy or sorrow. Living life as an individual is good but when you have people to share it with, it becomes better.


IELTS Speaking 2017 Questions # Watches

The world has advanced and every gadget that we used earlier has now come to fit in our pockets. From watch to the media players, camera, and almost everything. This time we are looking at one such gadget which used to part of our daily lives and how to people use it now.

Did you wear a watch when you were a child?

I don’t clearly remember wearing a watch while growing up on daily basis. However, whenever those fancy watches used to come around, I have always tried them. Sadly they did not work out for a long time, but it was always fun to have them. But, as I reached by Intermediate College I did start wearing watches on a regular basis.

Do you think children should wear a watch? Why/Why not?

In my opinion, a child should wear a watch because it teaches the importance of time. Since it is ticking almost everytime on your hand, one subconsciously becomes aware of time passing by and understands the importance of it.

Can you think of one reason why some people like to wear expensive watches?

One of the main reason could be that they themselves are rich, so surely one would like to go for expensive things in their bucket! Most of the people do it as a reward for achieving something… There are many who take them in a traditional way. So, a watch is something that passes on to generations. Having an expensive one adds on to it. Even some people go for the handmade watches. Well, few do it to save the handcraft others do it because it is more personalised and so more close to heart.

How do you travel from your home to work? How long does the journey normally takes?

I am a pedestrian so I commute by walking from home to work. Well, it is also because my office is very close to my house so using anything else does not make sense. Mostly I go with my friend to the office and the journey is all about talking things here and there.

What do you usually do while travelling?

I love taking pictures so whenever I travel, I am mostly taking pictures and listening to music. If it is a road trip to a place I prefer collecting the local stuff that symbolises the importance of the place.


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IELTS Cue Card 2017 Questions # Exciting Situation

Often in life, we get into some exciting situations, the kind of where we do not know what exactly needs to be done but the mere fact that there will be so much fun, we get dragged into it. This time we are looking at a recent IELTS cue card that talks about an exciting situation one have been into.

Describe a situation that was new and exciting for you. You should say:

  • when was it?
  • when did it happen?
  • what did you do?

and explain why it was exciting and how you felt about it?


Over a period of time, I have realized that if you love doing something it always brings new opportunities and excitement in life. Today, I am going to talk about a thrilling day I got to spent because of my job. It was a few years back and I was working for a writing company back then. My job was to create new blogs for their website and it was mostly working from home. However, I used to often go to the office to meet the staff and my senior for inputs on the website.

One day, my senior asked me to write a script for the product the company will be releasing in the upcoming quarter. It sounded so exciting to me that once I had written the script I thought the work was done. Until one day I was told that I will be the assistant director for the shoot. The day of the shoot came on a fly. On the day of the shoot, I got to meet the best photographer of our town and then a really good actress. The entire day when by in cuts, retakes and it was really exciting.

The mere fact that I was on the sets of a shoot gave me goosebumps. The takes and retakes made feel as if I am a director. I remember coming back home late and my mother scolding me, but it was the best day I had lived in some while and nothing else mattered.



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