Inside the IELTS Vocabulary

Is going abroad a dream for you? A wish you want to fulfil as soon as possible? Are you one of those who want to take IELTS and fulfil there dreams but are afraid of the vocabulary? Well, if you are one of those, here I bring to you some easy things to get a grasp of the IELTS vocabulary.


We all know time is essential and crucial as well. It would be foolish if you think that you can learn 500 words a day. Go slow, but go steady. Learn five words a day. But grasp them to the fullest, use them and enjoy them. Remember, it is the quality that matters.


You learn more words by using them rather than cramming them. Read stuff that you find interesting. Speak, yes Speak in English. May be broken in the beginning, but don’t lose heart. Speak. Listen. Yes go listen to some good stuff. May be BBC news or TED videos.


Read, speak and listen. But remember, it is important that you notice the words that come in between while you are doing all of it. Keep a note of them. Remember, once written the word is yours.


I have been saying it for quite a time, but the fact is vocabulary matters a lot in IELTS. But it does not mean that you need to know every word under the roof and succumb yourself under the pressure of performing well. Rather there are few common words that are required in IELTS. Go grasp them.

So, go on do try to infuse the above in your lifestyle and come back for some more insight into how to increase your vocabulary/band. Remember, you can achieve whatever you want to, only if you are ready to work for it.


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