Increasing Levels Of Obesity # Essay For IELTS

All over the world, societies are facing a growing problem with obesity. The problem affects both children and adults. What are the reasons for this rise in obesity? How can it be tackled ?

A “maddening rush” has market the 21st century and the interesting thing about this rush is that instead of making people slim, it has ended up making them fat. Obesity is a growing concern worldwide, not only in children but also in adults. This has not only led to grave issues for the government but also has impacted individuals life.

Nothing just comes out from air, there are always reasons behind it; obesity has its own. The most impactful reason is that people have lost the importance of regular exercise. Few decades back, when automobiles had not found its way into the lives of common man, people travelled either on foot or on cycle and therefore led a healthier life. The present scenario is such that, even for a walk of 100 meters people take out their bikes. The next most important reason behind increased obesity levels is fast food. At present, people usually lead a stressful life with no time to spare on their bodies. As a result, balanced diet has taken a back seat and fast food has become common. Regular eating of fast food not only leads to obesity, it also causes other health ailments. Internet could also be held responsible for the increasing level of obesity. With the advent of internet, people instead of meeting their friends, chat with them on phone; instead of playing football or cricket, they enjoy playing fifa or other games on their phones; resulting in a dramatic decrease in physical activity.

Although obesity is becoming common amongst individuals, we can still fight it back. Firstly, people must be made aware of the importance of regular exercise. Campaigns regarding it ought to be done in offices, schools and colleges. For example, the prime minister of India observed “the yoga day” recently wherein people all over the country did yoga. This was a great initiative and the world needs more of them. Secondly, sports activities must be held and involvement of individuals must be made compulsory in offices, schools and colleges.

Overall, obesity is a serious issue dawning the world and proper measures must be taken immediately to get over it, before it is too late.


increasing levels of obesity essay for ielts

increasing levels of obesity essay for ielts


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