Few points to improve your formal writing pattern ????????

Few points to improve your formal writing pattern
  • Avoid using short forms like govt. for government, pvt. for private and no. for number
  • Take care of necessary punctuation, if it requires to take a short pause in writing and connectors like, however, moreover, first etc are need to be segregated then we use comma p(,).
  • If demand of the sentence is to take a long pause then we put semi colon (;).
  • Avoid using slangs like chicks for girls and dude for a boy.
  • We do not use informal language as well as contractions in IELTS writing exam like don’t for do not and can’t for cannot.
  • Concentrate on hyphenated words. For example, words like well, self and co generally attract a hyphen.
  • In IELTS writing exam there is no scope for spelling errors. With every spelling error you lose your marks. Don’t forget to check your spellings carefully while revising your essay.
  • Variety of words. In IELTS writing variety of words plays a very important role as it helps you to rewrite your ideas without repetition.
  • Sentence structure: – A good sentence structure is a key to get good score in IELTS writing. Use a wide range of grammatical structures such as Active, Passive, Complex verbs structure.
  • Grammatical accuracy: – A good command of grammar helps you to have more grammatically accurate sentences.



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