Speaking Part 3 # Punishing Law Breakers

Speaking Part 3 # Punishing Law Breakers, IELTS BAND7 DEHRADUN

Speaking Part 3 – Punishing Law Breakers

Q1: Do people who break law in your country receive the correct punishment?
Ans: The laws are made as such that any act that is illegal according to the constitution of our country is punishable in its own accord. Some of the most common offences are traffic related incidents and often involve people not wearing seat belts or helmets. In a country like ours it is very difficult to maintain law and order to the maximum and there are repeat offenders who get away with crimes on many occasions. The more influential person you are the easier it is for one to get away with crimes in my country so at times people who break the law receive the correct punishment and sometimes the lawyer and their contacts are able to influence the judiciary and justice is not delivered.

Q2: Is the death penalty ever acceptable?
Ans: Yes it is and I believe that in a country like ours where humanity shames itself every new day that we punish those who commit heinous crimes and send the right message across to offenders who want to go down the same path. I am not very proud of this but rape is a very serious problem in India nowadays. It’s not only the crimes but at times the manner in which these gruesome acts are committed that they send chills down my spine. There is no other option but to execute these people as they are a burden on our society and a blot on our system. If these people are able to breathe the same air as a law abiding citizen of this country then it’s a mockery of law and order in our country.

Q3: Are there any alternatives to putting someone in jail?
Ans: There are many alternatives that government should have apart from jail to help people who commit crimes. Firstly it depends upon the kind of crime one commits and if is something serious then they should be put in jail straightaway and let law take its own course. There are some people who commit petty crimes out of necessity and they should be referred to different programs and be mentored to become a better individual. Traffic offences are something that majorly goes unpunished so I’d like a program where those who commit traffic violations are punished with some sort of community service and are made accountable for their actions.



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