Confusing Words # IELTS Prep

We all have some troubles and some problems. There are things that affect us or effect us? Confusing?? Yes it is. And there are so many words that although sound similar, they are not! So, let us dive in to some of the words that may sound similar but their meanings are all different!!


It is the situation that causes difficulty and needs to be dealt. You can either talk about problem or problems.
Example-: If you don’t pay your fee on time, you may face some problem in your exam.
Tell me what the problem is.


It refers to ‘problems, difficulties or worries’ and is used to talk about problems in a more general way.
Example-: A low self-esteem may trouble you throughout your life.
Troubles can always be your friend, if you know how to accept them.
REMEMBER-: Trouble is uncountable so don’t use the determiner “a” with it.


It is a verb which means ‘to cause a change’. So, whenever you want to refer to the factors that cause the change, use affect.
Example-: Millions of lives were affected after the terrorist attack.
Explanation-: We have used affect here because lives were changed because of the terrorist attack.


It is used when we talk about the change, reaction or result caused by something.
Example-: Global warming is one of the effect of pollution.
Explanation-: we have used effect since we are talking about the change that has come because of pollution.

Affect is a verb, effect is a noun!

Make a point to use the words correctly. Because it is good that you know a word, but it is better if you use it correctly.

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