The Nearest Word #Vocabulary

Vocabulary plays a very important role in IELTS. Considering this questions to find

The Nearest Word

are given.
For each of the following sentences, choose the option that is closest in meaning to the word bold

  1. There were people during 1930s who were staunch nationalists.

    1. Strong and loyal in your opinions or attitude
    2. A force of attraction that causes people to move towards each other.
    3. Relating to or connected with money
    4. The study and measurement of time
  2. The national flag is unfurled by the president on 15 august every year.

    1. To take things out of something.
    2. Not seen or noticed
    3. To open something that is tightly curled or rolled.
    4. A person or thing that puts seeds in the ground
  3. He seems to compensate for the forefathers who disdained the poor.

    1. To form a wrong opinion about someone or a situation
    2. The feeling that somebody or something is not good enough for your respect
    3. Intended to help people remember and respect important person or event in the past
    4. Impressive to look at
  4. The police came to confiscate all our possessions.

    1. To officially take from something from somebody, especially as a punishment.
    2. A thing that causes disease
    3. Not very polite or educated or fashionable
    4. Making you unable to think carefully
  5. The inspector was astounded.

    1. To surprise or shock somebody.
    2. A number by which other number is divided
    3. A short horse with strong legs
    4. To be a perfect example of something.


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