IELTS #Write a letter to your neighbour

IELTS #Write a letter to your neighbour

You are planning a two weeks vacation and you need someone to take care of your house while you are away. Write a letter to your neighbour and tell them that you are going away. Ask them to take care of your house and explain why you will be away.

IELTS #Write a letter to your neighbour, IELTS BAND7 DEHRADUN

Sample Answer

Dear Mrs Winfrey,
I hope you are well and in good health. Last week itself we were having a conversation about me going on a holiday and that you’ll take care of my house while I am away. It shouldn’t surprise you that I am off for a 2 week vacation starting next Monday and it’s my humble request to you to keep your promise.
My wife has been nagging a lot recently as we haven’t had a vacation for years. We came across a good deal on the internet and decided to go ahead with the plan. We’ll be off to Europe and then from there to Africa for the Nile cruise as visiting these places was on top of my bucket list.
The dogs will be with the in-laws so you need not worry about them. We are due an electrician visit next Tuesday at 3:00 as there is a fault with the circuits and I’ve given him your phone number so he’ll contact you directly. The gardener comes in twice every week and he’ll knock on your door for the keys. I’ve informed the bin man to collect the rubbish but just in case if he doesn’t please remind him. Lastly I’m due a parcel delivery for Thursday so please collect it on my behalf.
I know you’ll take good care of the house while we are away. Me and Neha can’t thank you enough for your help and if you have any issues please feel free to contact me. (253 Words)
John Wick


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