IELTS Writing: Letter to the railway company to report a lost item

IELTS General Training

Writing task 1

You should spend 20 minutes on this task.

You have lost an item of value on a train. Write a letter to the railway company. In your letter

  • Describe the item
  • Explain where and when you left it
  • Say what action you would like the company to take

Write at least 150 words.

You do NOT need to write any addresses.

Begin your letter as follows:

Dear Sir or Madam,

IELTS Writing: Letter to the railway company to report a lost item. Describe the item. Explain where and when you left it.

Sample Answer

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to report the loss of a valuable personal item on one of your trains.

The item is a navy blue laptop bag with the brand name ‘American Express’ embossed on the front. It has two zipped compartments. In one of the compartments I had kept my 15-inch Dell laptop. My passport, adaptor, mobile charger and some official documents were also inside.

Last Saturday, 15th March, I boarded the 2:30 pm train from Shimla to New Delhi. If I recall correctly, I was in the fourth carriage sitting near the front. I had kept the laptop bag in the overhead space. The long journey left me exhausted and while getting down, I forgot to take the bag with me.

Could you please let me know if a laptop bag of this description has been found? My phone number is 0091 7889898999. If you have it, please keep it in a safe place and I will make arrangements to collect it at your earliest convenience.

Thank you for your time.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,

Sally Rana


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  • Nidhi maria santosh


    Subject : report for The lost of my bag on your train journey

    I would like to inform you that I have lost a very important bag on the journey to Shimla from New Delhi it is an important bag because it consisted of my certificates that would help me in the interview I was about to give in Shimla and it also consisted of my main 15 inch laptop which I would work on in Shimla I have my iPad and different types of documents in it I was in the fourth luggage as far as I remember it was 2:30 p.m. in the afternoon and I was pretty exhausted by the journey so I thought to rest and I get that bag on the upper head free position I thought your train was a secured one but when I lost my bag which consisted of money also I screamed and try to concentrate in what I was doing many people came to me for help but none of them could give concrete solutions I was pretty frustrated and I did not know what am I supposed to do after that the trained engineers did not do anything and so I thought to bring this matter to your concern I suppose that you will have certain responsibilities for such things and as it was a very valuable bag I want you to return it by Friday because my interview will be on Friday 3:30 a.m. in the night as today is Tuesday I have given you plenty of time to search and do the concerned activities you are supposed to do I am waiting for a lucky response please I hope you will find my bag along with the other belongings inside the interview I am giving is for the HAL University kindly this is the biggest stands for me but when I don’t have the interview I can’t do anything I try to duplicate my certificates but that is not work out and many people told that certificate application will be cancel that University and so I want my original copy is it is a very important thing if you do not understand it it depends upon my whole job and if I don’t get it I would take the matter to the concerned police officers near area I would not be so strict if you big and your work right now I just want it back by Friday because my interview is on that day if West is possible you can return it by tomorrow or the day after but I just want it back I have to take it to the police officers near the area because this that consists of $1 10,000 laptop and as it was a new one I would not have any excuse on your part I am due to wait for your lucky response and supposed to be lucky response if you do not find the bag I hope you have understood what am I how to do if you have try your level best I would tell the police officer as it is unlucky as I am an unlucky person to have this thing happened to me if you have tried it well I have want you and concerned you about my bag the rest that happens to me are you totally depends upon what you are trying to get my bag back this is a very important order on my part and you shall see and I shall see that you will hand it over to me could you please let me know if you find the bag contact me if you do I would be Kriti happy the bank was an 18 inch long blue two compartments and the purse bag it was invented with a double tracker v i have an adaptor the mobile charger and iPad and laptop of 15 inches in that bag along with my certificates and documents which I need for my interview my contact number is 9833496898 I want an immediate response on your side because even if if you find the back I want all my belongings inside especially the documents and the laptop I cannot do without it and even before you find it kindly give one response on the quitting befitting reply that you will be pretty sure that you are going to search my bag in the train it might be a different compartment but I couldn’t do it because my journey to Shimla was already over

    • Too lengthy Nidhi. You must aim to keep the letter crisp and within the range of 160 to 190 words. Also you should only secure 20 minutes to write IELTS Writing Task 1 which only contributes to 35% of your writing exam.

      Quick glance over the letter, and I could observe there is no paragraphing, no signing off statement and many grammatical errors.

  • ha…..ha…ha….
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