IELTS Speaking Task Cue Card: A building that you like

Architecture is the new form of creativity. Although, it existed even before that ; it is only in the recent times that people have started looking at architecture with more creative eye than before. One can see the different forms of architecture and know the variations. With these factors coming into picture, often people form their own opinions about the different architectural forms. This time let us have a look at the IELTS speaking cue card task, that talks about a building that you like.

IELTS Speaking Task Cue Card:

A building that you like.

  • Which building do you like?
  • What is that building about?
  • What do you like about it?

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Sample Answer

The world is progressing each day in all aspects and people are not only increasing innovation in terms of infrastructure but creativity as well. The prime core of infrastructure development lies in the buildings and such other structures. Builders and architects around the world have become highly creative in designing different buildings, converting this field into an art form. Many famous designers have pioneered in this arena, giving us beautiful buildings such as Burj Khalifa, World Trade Centre, White House, Shanghai tower, and many more. These buildings are highly beautiful and have various detailed aspects of their design that add to their grandeur.

I find all these buildings around the world highly fascinating. I would love to gather knowledge about their past history, the materials used, and the design inspiration. The one building that I like the most is the Burj Khalifa, a building located in Dubai. Also known as the tallest building in the world, it was built to be the centerpiece for Downtown Dubai. With an approximate height of 829 meters, it houses a variety of clients and businesses such as private suites and the Armani hotel.

The design of this tower is derived from Islamic architecture, and the outer shape is spiraling and the interiors are grand, well adorned with mesmerizing artwork in abundance. The nearby area is surrounded by a beautiful fountain and a park and the impressions of the building are unique and truly amazing. They also add a flair of an awe-inspiring idea to the locality and the city. The modern artwork, the shape, and the design of the building make this building my favorite.

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