IELTS Speaking Sample Answer # Studies

Most of the people around the world study, making studies very like able topic to be asked in IELTS speaking. However, you will be asked the following questions if you say you are a student. Let us have a look at some of the possible questions.


IELTS Speaking Question 1: What are you studying now?

Answer A: Presently, I am studying liberal arts from the state university. It is a two year course and involves studying history, geography and economics. My major is in History, so most probably I will be taking more of history courses in the last semester of my course.

Answer B: I am pursuing my Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering. This is my first/second/third/final year. After completion of my B.Tech I want to continue my studies.


Question 2: What is your area of specialization?

Answer A: I am specializing in Indian History, starting from the Ancient to the Medieval including the modern Indian history.

Answer B: Well, my area of specialization is Physics. If I have to subcategorize my area of specialization, then Electronics is the main subject I have studied at university level.

Answer C: I am specialized in Business Management. I have completed a Master’s degree in Human Resource Management. I chose this subject because I want to become an entrepreneur.


Question 3: What was your favorite subject in school?

Answer A: I loved English as young and I still love it. Those English literature stories have always aroused interest in me and made me read them more. I started writing when I was in class IX and too an extent I think it was my love towards English that has helped me shape my career.

Answer B: I have studied many subjects in my school. But, when it comes to my favorite, I would choose English Literature. My English teacher developed my interest in this subject through his unique teaching methodology. Not to mention, the subject is also incredible in itself.


Question 4: Why are you studying history then?

I earlier worked as a travel host and learning history helps in understanding places better. So, I opt for a course in liberal arts.


Question 5: What single aspect would you like to change in your school or university?

Answer A: I think may be the library of our university. We do already have a good library, but sometimes it so happens that the good  books are limited and get taken away. As, a result we have to wait for sometime to get the book or  buy it for ourselves. It has improved a lot from past few years, but I think there is still room for improvement.

Answer B: Although, I have been gifted some of the best memories of my life by my school and university, but one thing which I would like to change in my school is the sluggish administration procedure. It took a long time to complete official works like the declaration of results, mark sheets’ distribution and admission procedure etc. If my school can make these changes, it will be counted as one of the best schools in the area.

Answer C: Well, my university has established itself as one of the best educational institutions in the state due to its state-of-art facilities and world class faculties. But, in my opinion, if university administration can improve the security and parking services, it would be extremely helpful for the students and the staff as well.

Answer D: From my point of view, being a reputed institution, my school should surely improve its library. As the world is changing at a rapid pace, the library should also be up to date. It not only requires new books but also computers and printers.


Question 6: How do you think is education helpful to shape a person’s life?

Answer A: I think education plays a very important role in shaping a person’s life. There are so many a things education teaches. Beyond the course and syllabus, a student learns how to face problem, how to live with other people, how to make better decisions. Like, I have hosted few parties in my school time, and it helped me become a better organizer. And I think the better the education, the better the country is.

Answer B: Education is the process of transferring knowledge, abilities, values and skills from one person to another. It helps develop our personality and enables us to perform better in our life. Overall, it paves the way for a bright future.


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