IELTS Speaking Cue Card: Spending money on furnishing our homes

Speaking (Part 2)

Describe how people spend time and money on furnishing their homes.

  • How décor is important in a home?
  • In what way furnishings reflect the homeowner’s personality?
  • In what ways people spend money on home furnishings?
  • How does fashion affect interior design?

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Sample Answer

A house is indeed its owner’s pride and identity. Everyone has a dream to own a beautiful and comfortable house. Decorating a house is important not only for the owner but for the visitors too as it exhibits our personality and lifestyle. It also enhances the aesthetic beauty and utility of a house.

Choice of a house and its décor largely depends on an individual’s personality, income, need and lifestyle. People having higher income are likely to spend more on beautification. They will buy luxurious things to decorate their homes like chandeliers, branded furniture and paintings etc. On the other hand, people with limited income will opt for a basic décor. We can have a better quality of life inside our homes by choosing the right type of furniture, lighting, colours and accessories. However, on an average, people spend around ten percent of their total budget on furnishing irrespective of their age and income.

Everything usually starts with fashion. Clothes we wear and the place we inhabit represent our choices and preferences. When it comes to fashion, everyone has a personal aesthetic that we like to show to others. The same applies to our homes as well. Apart from this, due to pattern recognition and colour psychology, some trends never fade away. Every now and then we introduce new and exciting changes in the interior to keep our home fresh and trendy. By following various trends, we can develop our own style sensibility and find the best decor to incorporate in our living space.

To conclude, we can say that being an important part of our house, decoration cannot be overlooked. Home, not only has a direct impact on our well-being but also decides our status in the society. Hence, it has become more than a shelter now.

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