Do’s Of The Speaking Round

Every interview, meeting or date that you are in has its own set of protocols. Going for an IELTS Speaking interview, well it has its own!! You may do your own experiments or try out the tested ones. Below are some of the tried and tested things that you can do –

  1. When you meet the examiner, present yourself with confidence. Go in the test knowing you will do great. Don’t be overconfident rather be optimistic.
  2. Be friendly.
  3. Body language is very important. So make eye contact and look at them but then don’t stare. Don’t talk in a monotone. Be a little excited about what you are speaking.
  4. Don’t use simple easy boring low-level words. For examples: I like Indian food because it is tasty. Good thing to do is look at the topics they will ask you. E.g. Food. Find vocabulary related to food. For example. Cuisine. So you may say, I love Indian cuisine because of the spices.
  5. Don’t overuse “I like”. Instead, use I enjoy. Or maybe I really love. I prefer sports etc. You may use others as well.
  6. Expand your answers. Maybe the examiner asks you some questions. Examples:Do you love playing sports? The answer you may say is no. Avoid doing this rather explain in detail. Don’t just say yes or no. Examples: Where are you from. I could just say I am from Almora. This won’t help. Expand the answer. I am from Almora and it is one of the most beautiful hill stations. Don’t be too large but then neither too short. One way to expand is by giving example. What is your favorite food? I love Indian cuisine. I like rajma. They make it using this and that.
  7. Practice. You know the types of questions they will ask. Practice a lot. Practice at places where you feel the pressure. With people that make you tensed.

Remember, practice and practice a lot. You are always just one step away from success. So, take the first step.


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