Cue Card Describe a place full of colour

IELTS Cue Card Describe a place full of colour

Describe a place full of colour. You should say


  • What the place it was?
  • Why you went there?
  • What you did there?
  • Explain why you think it was full of colour.

Cue Card Describe a place full of colour

Sample Answer

Travelling and exploring new places always add to our knowledge apart from creating beautiful experiences. I like to travel a lot and ensure that I go on vacation to a new destination every year during summers. On one such occasion, I went to Singapore with my friend last year in April. Early morning, the cool breeze brushing our cheeks was a surprise welcome as we disembarked at Changi International Airport, Singapore. It was a much-needed relief from the hot weather back in Delhi from where we had boarded our flight.
We headed straight to our hotel from the airport and after a quick shower called in at the Reception for a recommendation for the most popular tourist attraction around. The staff at the reception informed us that Jurong Bird Park an aviary and tourist place was a must-visit. A day trip to the Park always leaves an everlasting experience. It is a world-famous bird zoo, where there are specimens of magnificent bird life from around the world, including a large flock of flamingos.
Since we had reached Singapore early morning and were ready by 10 am we decided to visit the Bird Park. We took a taxi and reached there in about an hour. The entrance to the Bird Park was absolutely mesmerizing. Colourful bird sculptors left us awestruck. We immediately took out our camera and clicked a few pictures of each other with those beautiful king-sized sculptors in the background. As we moved inside the Park, we came across large, central walk-in aviaries and peripheral aviaries housing innumerable delicate and territorial birds chirping around. The aviaries had placards at the entrance explaining the history and demography of the species inhabiting those aviaries. We were amazed to see and learn about infinite birds of various colours and sizes. The territorial species were kept in large cages, while species that can coexist with each other were left to roam freely in the aviary.
The highlight of the Bird Park was a thunderstorm which was simulated at noon, followed by a cool, light drizzle. As the drizzle ended the birds put up a spectacular show along with their trainers amidst the backdrop of an artificial rainbow. We clicked pictures and made videos of the whole event. At the end of our trip, we even got pictures clicked with a huge colourful bird sitting on our fist.
It was one of my most memorable trips and someday I would like to visit the Jurong Bird Park again to experience the myriad colours created by nature.



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