IELTS Letter Sample Answers # Discontinuation

Often we start up things but with times discontinuation is the only choice that is left with us. This time let us have a look at an IELTS letter that talks about the discontinuation of a course.

You should spend 20 minutes on this task.
You are unable to complete your course – you have discontinued it. Write a letter to your teacher to thank him and explain –

  • why have you discontinued it?
  • what are your reasons for thanking him/her?

Write at least 150 words.


Dear Radhika Ma’am,

It has been almost two months since I joined the Public speaking course and have been benefiting from it in leaps and bounds. Not only does the course helps me in giving good speeches, it also helps me to communicate better with people. It was with the help of this course that I have got selected in an MNC and would be moving for the job next week.

It will, therefore, be not possible for me to continue with the course. However, it has been a learning experience and I have learned not only English speaking but so many other facets of the language from you. You helped me become more confident on stage and I can now give a 15-minute talk easily on stage. The books and the material that you provided is a lifelong treasure.

Hope to be in touch online.




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